Saturday, April 30, 2016

CHILLY WHITE AND KENNY PEACH-Honkies Pon The Case (1993)


.....And I'm still up on the ball when it comes to this wonderful, bright-and-shiny world of reggae pop music! My cruise back to the islands continues tonight as I set sail back to my favorite Scandinavian country to rendezvous with the Swedish team of Chilly White and Kenny Peach. Well, Sweden isn't an island, actually, but listening to the tunes here on this duo's 1993 album—something else from the case files of recent music recommendations—it sure felt like I was on some island paradise! Feeling good inside—that's been the reigning theme for me the past few days, and I enjoyed my first few feelgood moments on the opener, "Without You". I'm almost 100% certain that the familiar lines in the lyrics that begin with 'I can't live' and 'I can't give' were heard by my ears many, many before; when and where, exactly, is the question (I'm drawing a blank at the moment). It's just one of those charming love songs that makes me happy all over, and it was an early indicator that this Chilly White/Kenny Peach duo are quite the tag team—one of them bringing it with the sweet, smooth soul and the other laying down the slick, seamless reggae raps. "Stop That Train" is one ''train' I would like to keep on riding, if just to bask myself in the beat and the accompanying music altogether. It's a simple song, the songwriter wanting to hop onboard that locomotive express because his baby is leaving him and he doesn't want to lose her. It's those simple ones, it seems, that are always the most fun, and besides the short love story on "Stop That Train", I also enjoyed the tales told on the sing-along hit "OK Fred" and the delightfully pleasant concluding cut "Foolin' For Your Love". Then there's one that I found simply marvelous, if not bittersweet: "Sorrow And Pain". I'm sorry, but I just can't help it—these songs with the somber, melancholy aura have a way of making me instantly fall in love with them, especially when there's a touch of jazz enhancing the already-sad tonality. "Over And Done" grew and grew on me until I found myself singing and humming along with every lofty delivery of the title lyrics in the main chorus, my favorite part on this whole sunny three-and-a-half minute adventure. Had to save raving about my sweetest moments for last, and they would, of course, also represent my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day': "I'm A Believer" and "I'll Be Around". A reggae remake of THE MONKEES classic? Now that's just too cool! For so many years have I heard that golden oldie from way before my time on TV commercials advertising retro music, movies from decades ago or just on throwback radio stations, but never have heard it in a rejuvenated bouncy reggae format! The happy melody and reggae bounce are an instant catch, but I must admit that I did not catch on to the fact that it was indeed a MONKEES remake until I heard those same timeless familiar words of 'I saw her face, now I'm a believer'. And now I believe I've found something else to save to my 'Pop Mix' playlist! Then as for their take on THE SPINNERS classic, their chilled, low-key approach satisfied me very much; nice to hear a different voice singing those memorable words of 'this is our fork in the road, love's last episode. now it's up to me, to bow out gracefully'. With that, I will now bow out gracefully myself and allow you to enjoy this particular episode of the CHILLY WHITE AND KENNY PEACH show:

1. Without You
2. Stop That Train
3. Over And Done
4. I Started A Joke
5. I'm A Believer
6. Streettalking
7. OK Fred
8. I'll Be Around
9. Walking Away From Love
10. Belong To Another
11. Sorrow And Pain
12. The Way I Feel
13. Foolin' For Your Love

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