Tuesday, April 26, 2016

FOURTUNATE-The Arrival [EP] (2015)


I wasn't quite sure exactly what my ears and the music chameleon in me were in the mood for to close out a most enjoyable Monday evening. Fortunately, there's always a ton of recommendations piled up that I can listen to whenever situations like this spring up. The first idea that popped inside my head: how about I return to the list of some of these newer boybands I haven't listened to yet? Without further deliberation, I formally introduced myself to the Australian r&b quartet that calls itself FOURTUNATE.....and I must say that I am very 'fortunate' to have finally become a part of their listening audience! The three brothers and their best friend immediately impressed me with their dynamite collective voices delivering the seductive, sex-you-up-all-night opener "Body2body", which I may as well go ahead and say became my latest nomination for 'Slow Jam Of The Night'! Love the ZAPP/Roger thing they got going on with the voice box effects in the closing movements, giving the song that old-school soul feel of the 80's. In fact, these guys could pretty much conquer the whole realm of r&b slow jams by themselves, putting forth equally stunning performances with the follow-ups of "Weak" and "Sucker In Love". Then there's the one I nominate as my #2 'Slow Jam Of The Night' called "Dilemma", which features some mighty excellent songwriting telling about a woman who is so irresistible that it's making it hard for them to leave her behind; the language of the lyrics here—and the personality and emotion that simmers into every word—has a way of really getting into my head. Not much of a 'dilemma' at all in figuring out why "Sunsets" was an instant hit with me; upbeat r&b jams with a old-school kick always make for some nice listening, especially when there's dynamite soulicious voices enriching every groove. Perhaps I've saved the best for last with this Aussie foursome's other standalone single "Best Thing Ever". No 'dilemma' here either—it's the ultra-catchy dance/rock thing going on here that attracts and excites while they get down right to the point with their confident, flashy words of 'I could have been the best thing you ever had'. Glad that there's an acoustic version of it with only the light guitar serving as the background music, because it highlights their collective voices extremely well! Simply put, it was by good fortune that I discovered these guys and their crisp vocal talents.....the same fortune, I'd imagine, that led to them receiving recognition through Australia's "X-Factor" music competition and what may someday lead to them achieving worldwide fame:

1. Body2body
2. Weak
3. Sucker In Love
4. Sunsets

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

5. Sing It Out
6. Best Thing Ever
7. Best Thing Ever [Acoustic]
8. Dilemma [feat. Lazy J]

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