Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Haley-All This Love (2010)


It's not Halley's Comet, but a different kind of phenomenon that has made its way into "The Music Spectrum" universe! Chilling out once again on this still very much of a chilly night for me with a voice I've probably heard more times than I can honestly remember: Haley Gibby. I had discovered her when I realized that my trance music collection contained nothing at all by Kaskade, another one of the world's renowned trance DJ's with whom Haley has collaborated with as a session vocalist in the past. Well I started a little 'cascade' of my own—a music cascade, that is—when I immersed myself in Haley's first and only solo album and allowed the trance chills to rain down upon me. It all goes well on "This Is How It Goes", which gets the high-energy avalanche rumbling and rolling; it's the exact type of dreamy trance that I can drift off into a deep sleep with get lost inside of for hours! Haley's lofty, angelic voice leading the way has a lot to do with that; the production work put into creating these breathtaking, instantly ear-appealing melodies is the other half of that. A seamless string of breezy moments was set in motion after that, highlighted by "Physical", the warming yet haunting "I'm Someone Else", and the shining moments that are "Illuminating" (the introductory instrumental movement having sparked my senses right off the bat). and "Midnight Light" (the subtle rock sound overlaid with the thumping electronic trance beat are a killer combination here). Defining the phrase 'chill-out music' to the tee is the soothing slow groove of reflection that is "I Remember"; I must say that it's the one song here where that angelic voice of hers shines through the most. The music cascade reaches its peak—quite literally, in fact!—when Haley collaborates with the renowned American DJ first on "So Far Away", then on the one that I declare THE ultimate trance chill-out tune on this album: "Move For Me". The introductory instrumental melody is so captivating as the music starts off slow, then gradually builds up tempo as Haley's haunting vocals are echoed and looped until the full-on trance explosion erupts with 'here we go, another night out'. Then for one final hurrah, the dreamy downtempo trance groove that is "Rush" perked up my music senses and instilled that same sense of flying high above the cosmos, the title lyrics of 'all this love' soothing my ears ever so nicely. Halley's Comet may be something that is visibly enjoyed once about every seven decades, but you won't have to wait nearly that long to entertain yourself with the the lady named Haley performing right here on this album:

1. This Is How It Goes
2. Physical
3. Falling In Love
4. Letting You In
5. Illuminating
6. What Do You Say?
7. I'm Someone Else
8. The Chance
9. Midnight Light
10. I Remember
11. So Far Away (Kaskade Mix) [feat. Kaskade & Seamus Haji]
12. Move For Me (Kaskade Intro Mix)
13. Rush

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