Friday, April 29, 2016

Kevin Lyttle-Kevin Lyttle (2004)


Little did I know that I would be taking another cruise back to the islands for another reggae-pop adventure on this final Friday of the month of April. Well, I had the thought about extending my cruise down in The Bahamas after my thrill ride with BAHA MEN, so I suppose that's only partially correct. Besides that, I actually was in the mood for some exotic music to chill to anyways. Dipping back into cache of music treasures that were generously shared with me days, weeks and even months ago, I traveled a little further down to the Caribbean island of St. Vincent to get formally acquainted with a Mr. Kevin Lyttle and his self-titled album. Exotic music indeed—from the smooth reggae-inspired rhythms and breezy tropical melodies to his refreshingly delicate, soulful voice. After getting turned onto the music with the lively opener, "Turn Me On", it was smooth sailing from that point on, even if I had to take a few detours to revisit a few favorite places along the cruise once or twice. In fact, it was full sail ahead the instant a familiar song caught my eye: "Sign Your Name". The memorable Terrence Trent D'Arby hit from the awesome 80's that goes 'sign your name, cross my heart, I want you to be my lady' gets some love yet again! As I've been finding myself doing lately, there was absolutely no hesitation from me; served it right up to my ears and immersed myself in the familiar dreamy melody and the slight touch of Middle Eastern-inspired strings and ceremonial drum beat adding a different yet sophisticated touch to the old classic. Best of all, Kevin's voice is right on point and totally perfect for delivering it! Seems the St. Vincent native isn't bashful at all in showing his romantic side and how he likes to seduce the ladies. If he doesn't charm you with the soothing words on "Never Wanna Make You Cry" or allure the heart with the poetic words of flying on magic carpets and being the genie fulfilling every commanded wish on "My Love" (the sunny vibe of the music is so nice here, especially when the sweet sounds of the instrumental woodwind steps in midway through), then he's got you all sexed up on sexy r&b jam "Ya Kiss"—and all those delicious words of what a lady's lips do to him—and got the girls going crazy on "Mamma Mia" (now is is a serious jam that's got so much happening in the rhythm and beat (I feel more of that exotic Middle Eastern influence again) that of course the ladies are gonna want to get up and 'work that booty in the club', as he so eloquently puts in the catchiest line of the main chorus). Sex and dance—that is what this album's eleventh track is all about: "Dancing Like Making Love" pretty much says it all—when Kevin sees her moving, it's like she's making moves on his body.....and on other places as well, I'd imagine. The music makes me feel like dancing, too (but not quite like that). Didn't exactly drive me crazy—at least not like the lady he's singing about—but Track #13 did put some added sunshine into my island adventure that made me feel happy, as did the bouncy rhythm of "My Lady", the flavorful festiveness of "I Got It" (something in the chords brought to mind Diana Ross's disco hit, "Upside Down"), the electronic glitz and spark of "Call Me", then the skippy bounce of "Last Drop" (and something here in the production brought to mind Latin Freestyle music). My cruise with Mr. Lyttle turned out to be quite the package deal; save yourself 60 minutes of time in order to enjoy the same adventure at this special discounted rate:

1. Turn Me On
2. Last Drop [feat. Spragga Benz]
3. Never Wanna Make You Cry
4. Call Me
5. I Got It [feat. Spragga Benz]
6. Sign Your Name
7. Sceaming Out My Name [feat. Assasin]
8. My Lady
9. Ya Kiss
10. Dance With Me [feat. Trey Songz]
11. Dancing Like Making Love
12. My Love
13. Drive Me Crazy [feat. Mr. Easy]

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

14. Mamma Mia [feat. Spragga Benz]
15. Turn Me On [Remix] [feat. Spragga Benz]
16. Sexy Ways [feat. Trina Jacobs]

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