Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lucas Prata-Done With The Fight (2012)


Not quite done with Lucas Prata yet! Making one more stop in my dance adventures with the New York singer before progressing forward to new frontiers. "Done With The Fight"—another awesome single that I missed out on four years ago that finally gets the attention of my receptive ears! Before I even tuned in, I was captivated by both the title and the accompanying cover artwork depicting a balled-up fist in a ball of flames; I knew I was in for something of epic proportions! The fight of his life—that was the idea I conjured up in my head going into the first track. The lyrics were right on point with my observations—Lucas has been battling and battling with the woman in his life, but now he's had enough of the fighting and calling it quits for good. So while he's throwing down the boxing gloves and exits ringside, the production crew entertains you with an explosive array of blazing hot remixes, igniting the spark with the 'Full Throttle Radio Edit'. When it comes to these dance remix singles, I always look forward to the grooviest ones or the ones having the coolest arrangements. For me, the 'Paolo Alberti Remix' and its mega build-up charging into the hard, thumping beat, the delightfully techie 'Kraken Prj Electrostep Remix' with its varying electronic textures and sound effects, and the collaboration between the two DJ's on the concluding monstrosity that is 'Tune~Adiks Remix' thrilled me the most! There's no point in trying to fight it—the hour plus you'll spend with this sizzling eleven-deep single will have you dizzy and down for the count:

1. Done With The Fight [Full Throttle Radio Edit]
2. Done With The Fight [Dave Rose Remix Edit]
3. Done With The Fight [Paolo Aliberti Remix Edit]
4. Done With The Fight [Full Throttle Club Mix]
5. Done With The Fight [Dave Rose Remix]
6. Done With The Fight [Paolo Alberti Remix]
7. Done With The Fight [Kraken Prj Electrostep Remix]
8. Done With The Fight [Sneaky Hybrid Mix]
9. Done With The Fight [Arenna Mix]
10. Done With The Fight [Arenna Dark Mix]
11. Done With The Fight [Mike Licata vs Vic Latino Dms Tune~Adiks Remix]

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