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Lucas Prata-Let's Get It On (2006)


Yes, let's do exactly that! Given my current trance/dance mood—and my observation of a few anomalies in my music library—it wasn't too hard a decision to decide what to treat my ears to next when I made the observation that it had been too long a time since I heard the voice of the New York City-based phenom Lucas Prata. As you may recall, Lucas has been a featured guest before—some five or six years ago, before the birth of "The Music Spectrum". His return at this point in time coincides with me having resumed my efforts of keeping things I already have nice and organized; besides that, I just felt like renewing interest in one of the best solo male dance artists of this New Millennium! The introductory piece that sets off this ultra high-energy house party states it all: get ready to dance.....and dance a whole lot! In my first tour with his debut album, there were exactly two super-addicting jams that stayed stuck to me.....and they are the same two jams whose catchy hooks I can still hear from miles and miles away: "And She Said" and "The Ma Ya Hi Song". The former may as well as be a Lucas Prata anthem, if it isn't already. If you didn't remember any other lyrics from this song, there's absolutely no forgetting the soaring delivery of him going 'yeah, yeah, yeah' and 'whoa-oh-oh-oh' in the main chorus with the backup singers echoing him word for word and note for note. Can't get enough of this one! Then adding to the problem (as if being addicted to the album's first proper full-length track is a problem?) is that there are soooooooooooo many awesome remixes to keep your ears entertained, whether it be Track #16's reggaeton version, the charming, slowed-down 'Sunset Mix' found at the very end (I really like that one) or the dozen alternate versions between the pair of official remix singles I've included in this mega-package deal. And I say check 'em all out! As for "The Ma Ya Hi Song": never quite figured out exactly what 'ma ya hi' is referring to; I recall being too busy immersing myself in the bouncy, highly-addicting rhythm. Once upon a time, I'd treated myself to some exclusive dance remixes of this one, too; there's probably just as many reproductions for it than for "And She Said". Speaking of production, I give Lucas and the rest of the electronic engineering crew major props on the title track. The sparkly synthesized accompaniment makes it feel more like trance chill, even though it's still very much the ultimate club thrill; the radio DJ's voice getting you pumped in the introductory seconds and Lucas's seductive lyrics all throughout make it all the more fun. Want some serious high-octane fuel for your engine? The sunny song of dedication that is "Never Be Alone" is just what you need! "Love Of My Life", "I Think I'm Falling In Love" and "Feel The Love Again": well simply put, I fell in love with all three of these beauties all over again. The first in this trio features the fabulous voice of a Ms. Lori Reina Goldstein (better known by her middle name 'Reina' which, fittingly, translates to 'queen' in Spanish) and a steady stream of dreamy lyrics that breathes an aura of happiness—wishing wells, stars in the sky, fairy tales and all. It just makes me happy while I'm tuning in! The second of the trio has a mellow tonality but cheerful sound and darling lyrics of reflection that paint a picture-perfect sense of that love-at-first-sight moment. Then as for the third in this trio,,,,,I love everything about it; was instantly allured by the tonality and more of Lucas's words of dedication and sincerity. What's going on with "We Got It Going On"? A lot, actually: a humorous phone call snippet featuring a buddy of Lucas's leading in to the song, followed by some spunky beats tailor-made for perking you up into the party spirit and Lucas himself mentioning thinks like Red Bull and Vodka to ensure that party stays alive and well all night long. Wanna know which one's the coolest cut? It's gotta be "Wanna Be", the only cut of its variety on this album, as the alternating between a sparkly middle-tempo rhythm and a slower chilled rhythm offers a dual musical texture for the ears; it also happens to be a cut that just cuts right to the chase with the simple theme that he wants to be with the one he loves. Could say that "Sorry Mary" is an addiction worth mentioning, too. The moments when Lucas reaches the high lofty notes on his wailing of the lady's name and that sing-along of 'dum-da-da-da-da-da' in sync with the airy melody get stuck inside my head every bit as much as that 'yeah, yeah, yeah' on "And She Said". With so many dance thrills up and down this album, it's nearly impossible to select one for being the #1 best overall. At the very least, "The Best Of Me" shows Lucas in one of his best performances, delivering a warming and touching ballad that showcases his versatility. Yet it's not impossible at all to see that it's his talent for tearing up the dance floor that I love about him and his music the most:

1. It's Time [Intro]
2. And She Said...
3. Never Be Alone
4. Love Of My Life [feat. Reina]
5. We Got It Going On
6. Wanna Be
7. Sorry Mary
8. Let's Get It On
9. I Think I'm Falling In Love
10. Feel The Love Again
11. The Ma Ya Hi Song
12. The Best Of Me
13. Alright
14. More Than Words Can Say
15. And She Said (Y Dices)
16. Never Be Alone [Spanglish Version]
17. And She Said... [Sunset Mix]

Lucas Prata & Reina-Love Of My Life (2006)

1. Love Of My Life (Radio Edit)
2. Love Of My Life (Extended Mix)
3. Love Of My Life (G Tank Club Mix)
4. Love Of My Life (Candlelight Mix)

Lucas Prata-And She Said... (2004)

1. And She Said (Valentine Sunrise Mix)
2. And She Said (DJ X Breakbeat Mix)
3. And She Said (Y Dices) (Spanish Radio Mix)
4. And She Said (Album Version)
5. And She Said (Overhead Champion Mix)
6. And She Said (Saint Remix)

Lucas Prata-And She Said... [Remixes] (2005)

1. And She Said (Valentin Radio Edit)
2. And She Said (Jack D. Elliot Radio Mix)
3. And She Said (Valentin Extended Mix)
4. And She Said (Jack D. Elliot Amped Club Mix)
5. And She Said (Mr. Mig Prata Sexy Disco Mix)
6. Y Dices (English Reggaeton Mix By DJ Cubanito & Don Candiani)
7. Y Dices (Spanish Reggaeton Mix By DJ Cubanito & Don Candiani)

Lucas Prata-I Think I'm Falling In Love (2006)

1. I Think I'm Falling In Love (Original Version)
2. I Think I'm Falling In Love (Da Buzz Radio Edit)
3. I Think I'm Falling In Love (Da Buzz Extended Mix)
4. I Think I'm Falling In Love (Pop Uptempo Mix)
5. I Think I'm Falling In Love (Silverroom Radio Remix)
6. I Think I'm Falling In Love (Silverroom Club Mix)
7. I Think I'm Falling In Love (Silverroom Club Mix Radio Edit)
8. I Think I'm Falling In Love (Ballad Version)

Lucas Prata-Never Be Alone (2004)

1. Never Be Alone (Valentin Radio Edit)
2. Never Be Alone (Johnny Rocks Radio Edit)
3. Never Be Alone (Klubjumpers Radio Edit)
4. Never Be Alone (Valentin Club Mix)
5. Never Be Alone (Mr. Mig Extended Mix)
6. Never Be Alone (Mr. Mig Trance Mix)
7. Never Be Alone (Klubjumpers Extended Mix)
8. Never Be Alone (Ballad Mix)
9. Never Be Alone (Spanish Mix)
10. Never Be Alone (Mig's Spanglish Sunrise Mix)
11. Never Be Alone (Spanglish Mix)

Lucas Prata-We Got It Going On (2007)

1. We Got It Going On (Original Version)
2. We Got It Going On (Al B Rich Radio Edit)
3. We Got It Going On (Al B Rich Extended Mix)
4. We Got It Going On (Val Clean Edit)
5. We Got It Going On (Z100 Mix)
6. We Got It Going On (Mixshow)
7. We Got It Going On (Rod Carrillo's Fuck The Mainstream Dub)
8. We Got It Going On (Discopunx Edit)
9. We Got It Going On (Discopunx Remix)

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