Monday, April 11, 2016

Lucas Prata-Never Stop Dreaming (2008)


Out of the pit stop and back on the road tonight with my second revisit into the exciting world of Lucas Prata! And with this second revisit came another fun side trip down the memory lane leading right back into the awesome 80's! It had made my day the very first time Lucas surprised me with his great pop remake of the LEVEL 42 classic, "Something About You"; it's remained on my 'Pop Mix' playlist for nearly a decade! And today, lightning would struck twice, because finally, nearly another decade later, I enjoyed the big-time rush that is the super-charged 'Silent Nick Radio Edit' trance remix found on the song's three-track single—a must have for us dance music lovers and for you other LEVEL 42 fans out there! Then as for that other leg of my memory lane adventure? That would be Lucas collaborating with dance club diva Kim Sozzi on their remake of the HUMAN LEAGUE golden oldie "Don't You Want Me?". 'Don't you want me, baby? Don't you want me? Oohh-ohhhh'‐I can totally hear the original lyrics from the unforgettable chorus voiced by HUMAN LEAGUE's Philip Oakey echoing somewhere in my mental jukebox while this one was entertaining my senses. Always a fantasy of mine to hear these modernized upbeat remakes of old familiar hits from my favorite decade. In a way, that brings an alternate meaning to the title of the New York City singer's third solo album, "Never Stop Dreaming": indeed, I myself will 'never stop dreaming' about enjoying dance remakes of songs I loved three decades ago! I even got kicks out of the snippet called "Back To The 80's", where the electronic blips and beeps reminded me something straight out of the classic "Pong" arcade game, ending with a bizarre sound effect bringing to mind the signature sound of Pac-Man getting eaten up by the ghosts. Though it wasn't a part of the 80's flashback, listening to "All The Girls" all over again brought back so many fun memories of when I first got hip to the boyband B3, who were also based in New York City. Wonder if they and Lucas ever crossed paths? I've always loved the summertime pop/rock vibe, hearing them sing about hanging out with the girls at Wet Willie's wearing the mini-skirts and tight jeans and that part of the main chorus where they go 'yeah-yeah' with the girls answering in the background. The pop/rock style is somewhat of a downshift from the high-octane speed of Lucas's debut, "Let's Get It On", but it works so well for him on "All The Girls", plus on the energetic power pop jam that is "A Girl Like That", "Wrong Turn" and the funky, rockabilly-style number "Stop Let's Go", which is totally different from everything else with its own unique flavor. "She's All I Need" has got everything I need in a groovy dance jam (the production scores big here!) while "What's Your Name?" is, besides being a sweet and simple love song, every bit of cool with its exotic electronic arrangement and misty melody. "Love Is In The Air" is one that simply made me smile, because it fits right into my continued 'trance chill-out' mood with its breezy warmth and carefree loftiness about the melody, the soft beat and the accompanying lyrics. Then even more proof of Lucas's strength as a versatile singer, there's the touching "Can't Go Back" (how ironic the nicest of smooth grooves has the most negative lyrics and theme about forgetting the past and the pleasantly tender "I Need You Tonight". And with that, I feel the 'need' to treat myself to a few more listens of "Something About You" and the other cool cuts on this album, because I can never stop dreaming about the ones that thrill me the most:

1. Never Stop Dreaming (Intro)
2. All The Girls
3. A Girl Like That (Feat. Jeannie Ortega)
4. She's All I Need
5. Back To The 80's (Interlude)
6. Don't You Want Me? (Feat. Kim Sozzi)
7. Something About You (Feat. George Lamond)
8. Wrong Turn
9. Stop Let's Go
10. Guitar (Interlude)
11. Can't Go Back
12. I Need You Tonight
13. What's Your Name?
14. Love Is In The Air
15. Pants (Outro)

Lucas Prata-A Girl Like That (2008)

1. A Girl Like That (Radio Edit)
2. A Girl Like That (Original Radio Edit)
3. A Girl Like That (Giuseppe D.'S Dance Mix Edit)
4. A Girl Like That (Giuseppe D.'S Dance Mix)

Lucas Prata-Something About You (2008)

1. Something About You (Silent Nick Radio Edit)
2. Something About You (Silent Nick Mix Show Edit)
3. Something About You (Silent Nick Extended Mix)

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