Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lucas Prata-Remember (La Di Da) (2010)


Another short pit stop? More like a continuation of my adventures in trance land with Lucas Prata. To my shock—and to the best of my knowledge—the New York phenom hadn't rrecoded any other full-length studio albums since 2008's "Never Stop Dreaming". But he hasn't stopped rocking the music world one bit, releasing a dazzling array of standalone non-album dance singles to his credit. "Remember (La Di Da)": this is one that you'll have no choice but to remember, given its instantly catchy club appeal and sparked by its sunny melody and Lucas's lofty vocals that will get embedded into your head long before the song is over. With this three-track version, I favor the 'Valentin Radio Mix' and its slicker production while the harder electronic bang of the 'D-Force Remix' is indeed a dance force to be reckoned with:

1. Remember (Valentin Radio Mix)
2. Remember (Original Mix)
3. Remember (D-Force Remix)

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