Saturday, April 23, 2016



Nothing like some thrilling Italo-dance music to bring me back to life after enduring a rather exhausting previous day and a half! For that, I had to dig up this old goodie from the 'P' entries in my music library, a cool collaboration between the trance DJ brother duo of Giorgio Prezioso and Andrea Prezioso with singer Alessandro Moschini, whose 'Marvin' moniker appears to have been inspired by a professional boxer named Marvin Hagler. Well let me just start off by saying that this combined talented trio are a total knockout! The Prezioso brothers bring the glitz and glamour with the pounding disco-groovy beats and their entrancing techno arrangements while their lead man Mr. Marvin brings the vibrant vocal punch. It's the spotlight casting down on the brothers when they show off their mixing skills on the opening cut, "Ouverture", plus "Rock The Discotek" (the male DJ's repetitive 'what the rock, what the heck, rock the discotek' against the bouncy beat gets extremely catchy, but then again, that's the whole idea, isn't it?) and the pair of minimalistic vocal cuts that I'm especially fond of because they both bring back memories from the 80's: "Gimme A Beat" (that 'gimme a beat' shouted almost cheerleader style by ladies all throughout reminds me of Janet Jackson's opening to "Nasty" while the distorted vocal snippets of ' I'm talking to you, c'mon! ' from TEARS FOR FEARS' "Shout" with the line looping against the pounding bass) and "Emergency 911" (that 'This is the police speaking. This club is closed forever!' introduction with the buzzing alarm reminds me of same spoken intro to a trance remix of the "Inspector Gadget" cartoon theme song I heard some years back; plus, hearing the lady announcing 'Emergency, emergency, paging Dr. Beat' is a direct sampling of Gloria Estéfan and MIAMI SOUND MACHINE's "Dr. Beat"mdash;just so cool!). Though it's when Marvin's voice gets thrown into the mix that the most electrifying entertaining moments are enjoyed. 'Let me stay one more day': the simple words pleaded on the album's killer third track make for a fun-filled four minutes, especially because even more 80's memories swept over me as my ears noted how the chords and the delivery of the verses brought to mind STEVE MILLER BAND's "Abracadabra" and how the lofty, digitized vocal effects reminded me of the BUGGLES hit "Video Killed The Radio Star". "I Wonder Why" had been my very fist favorite, soaking in the catchy stick-in-your-head electronic melody in the instrumental movement following the main chorus and its super-charged high-tempo production (a must-have addition to your club/trance playlist if you ask me!) before that got immediately leap-frogged by "Goodbye Girl" shortly thereafter with its moody, suspenseful ambiance and the distorted echoing vocals against the mid-tempo drum n' beat—a perfectly gloomy setting for a beak-up song about being tired of playing the same old love games, I must say. But then there's a trio of other cuts that would give all of those I just mentioned some pretty stiff competition: "The First Picture Of You" (such a beautiful mid-tempo groove with the soothing ambiance and a twinkly synthesized arrangement, making it the perfect chill-out jam and making it one that really does paint a lovely picture), "Sweet Love" (back to the chill-out session with this nice n' slow r&b groove that shows off Marvin's soulful abilities quite nicely) and (an appropriate inclusion on this album) "Voices" which is just as infectiously addictive as "Emergency 911" and "Rock The Discotek" with Marvin's endless looping of 'I hear voices' amidst all of the wonderful techno glitz:

1. Ouverture
2. Tell Me Why
3. Let Me Stay
4. Voices
5. I Wonder Why
6. Goodbye Girl
7. Gimme A Beat
8. Emergency 911
9. The First Picture Of You
10. Rock The Discotek
11. Back To Life
12. Sweet Love

*****BONUS TRACK*****

13. Megamix (Let Me Stay - Voices - Tell Me Why)

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