Friday, April 8, 2016

SECOND SUN-The Lost Weekend (2010)


The sun shines ever so brightly for me as I enjoyed my third consecutive trance chill-out just as many April chilly nights. Tuning into the opening track from Paul Van Dyk's "Reflections" album had made me recall that the vocalist named Antoine Becks was one half of the Canadian-based electronic music duo SECOND SUN. When I realized that I'd only heard that duo's "Inside Out" project, but not their second release entitled "The Lost Weekend", I decided it was time to check it out while the idea was still fresh in my mind. The cover artwork pictured above tells the tale of this thrilling adventure, the black background representing the spacey and ambient electronic textures in their synthesized music while the sandy beach below symbolizes the soothing ambiance that chills to the bone. I'm in total agreement with the words chanted on the introductory snippet: I want to get lost in this! After that is when the real fun starts, beginning with the odd monotonic vocals of "A Girl Like You", which is heavy on the synthesizing with its pulsating electronic beat and blips before the even heavier techno slams in later. Listening carefully, this one seems to sample the familiar chords to the Motown classic, "I Heard It Through The Grapevine", except in revitalized digital format. It's one of the numerous nuances on this album that made for fun music moments for me. My attraction to "We Own The Night" lied in its distinctively 80's-sounding synthesizing flowing side by side with the trance beat; makes me and my ears feel right at home. Same goes for "Lonely After All", because amidst the chilled electronic flow, there's a slight new wave rock kick that brings back the sounds of my favorite decade. Besides that, I loved Antoine's hushed vocals while he tells the painful story about being with the woman he wants, but both he and that woman are still lonely deep down inside with all of the problems they're having, even if they're sleeping in the same bed together. It was the way Antoine makes like a wolf and goes 'ah-whoo!' every time he sings the line 'let's see you shake it while I howl at the moon' that pleased me on the album's fifth track; a bona fide club-worthy trance cut for sure! I'd especially been looking forward to devouring the one three tracks later: "More Pills". The title was already very intriguing, leading me to think the song would have something to do with drug overdosing. In a way, I was right; the oddball spoken lyrics relay that there's a wonder pill for every occasion: for pain, to lose weight, need to sleep, to make love, to focus, to help you not to worry, for relieving pain—all will help you maintain. Maybe not so cool for some people, but the groovy dance beat and the special effects played around with in the production for the various vocal segments are very cool indeed. The duo does it up well on the arena-sized crowd-pumper "Doing It Well" while they do it up more than just halfway on "Halfway Love", a personal highlight of mine because, behind the thumping trance and glitzy electronic dance groove (I love the midway break where the beat slows, the slight rock kick slides in, then the looping, echoing vocals and swirling ambiance build back up to the full-on trance explosion), it's got some touching lyrics, which speaks about the songwriter admitting that he doesn't want to have to deal with halfway love. Track #12's "Savior" has a nifty nuance in it too that makes me a big fan of it: the voicing of 'so come on' that's looped in the main chorus reminding me of how the TEARS FOR FEARS duo sings 'so come on, I'm talking to you' in their hit 1984 song called "Shout". Then there's the concluding cut, "Slaves Of The Sun", that made me a slave of this SECOND SUN duo and their music output. Love these with the deep electronic grooves and the soothing vocals, even though I found the lyrics to be quite haunting. My second voyage with SECOND SUN? Definitely a blast out of this world!

1. Intro
2. A Girl Like You
3. Golden
4. We Own The Night
5. Howl At The Moon
6. Fire & Water
7. Lonely After All
8. More Pills
9. Doing It Well
10. Disconnected
11. Halfway Love
12. Savior
13. Slaves of The Sun

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