Saturday, April 9, 2016

SPACE TRIBE-Better Be Alright (1994)


Just making a short pit stop tonight in my current road trip of the dance circuit. I'm one step further in my quest of completing my collection of everything ever released by William Naraine, the lead singer of the 90's Italian Eurodance group DOUBLE YOU. Among the various side projects that featured Naraine's vocals was the short-lived team that called itself SPACE TRIBE, whose 1994 single "Better Be Alright" has just become quite alright with me and my receptive ears! A total team effort this single was indeed. DOUBLE YOU's front man is front and center with his singing the title lyrics 'better be, better be, better be alright', looped over and over in the main chorus and serving as this song's primary lyrics against the feel-good pumping house rhythm, but I soon discovered that he not the only star of this show. Two other male DJ's chime in periodically with some hip spice, voicing the lines that go ' the beat kicks, then I start rockin' ' and ' keep steppin' at your home base '. Then there's two other people contributing to spice up this jam even more—a soulicious diva with her spunky ad lib, then the computerized, mechanical voice of somebody else breaking you in momentarily into a digital trance world. Each of the three mixes is slightly longer than the next, with the 5+ minute 'XXX' giving you the most bang for your buck. The title speaks for itself—in order for music to keep you locked in after only a few replays, it better be alright:

1. Better Be Alright (Radio Mix)
2. Better Be Alright (Club Mix)
3. Better Be Alright (XXX Mix)

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