Tuesday, May 24, 2016

B.I.G.-Pure Pop For Now People (1999)


Now the music chameleon in me wants to rock! Not what I expected when I got formally introduced to the power pop sound of the Swedish Christian contemporary band that calls itself BROTHERS IN GOD (better known by the shortened acronym B.I.G.), but listening to their second English studio album was quite the unexpected delight to my receptive, undiscriminating ears. And with my 30+ minute journey back to my favorite Scandanavian country for all-things music came yet another fun fact for me: discovering that one of this band's members once belonged to the Swedish rock band SHA-BOOM, whom I've previously had the pleasure of tuning in to. Boom is right—that being the explosively lively, punk-inspired perk that awakened my senses on the opener, "Do It Again", then heightened those senses an inch further on "Addicted", whose chords somewhat brought to mind the classic 80's Eddie Money hit, "Baby Hold On". Found my first strike of pure gold taking in the awesome "Revolution", an outward cry for change and new direction that is extremely catchy with its retro post-punk allure. From that point, the inspirational and motivational messages became clearer and more meaningful, whether it was the challenge to let your troubles fade away on "Everyday" or the energizing, cheerful anthem to get to know Our Creator that is "Go". The brothers take time out to give praises on "It's Alright", where they confess they've found everything that they need, "Now That I've Found You" (and the chords to this one sound like they were inspired by another familiar rock classic: Todd Rundgren's "Bang On The Drum All Day") and "Dear God", a personal letter delivered in thankful gratitude for mercy in spite of every shortcoming. The inspirational journey couldn't have ended any more perfectly than with the monster ballad, "Every Little Thing". True acknowledgement of Our Savior and doing everything for him is what this one is all about. "Pure Pop For Now People"—it truly is for us living in the here and now.....and for those of us who are still there waiting in the later:

1. Do It Again.
2. Addicted
3. Revolution
4. Everyday
5. Dear God
6. Go
7. I Don't Mind
8. It's Alright
9. Now That I've Found You
10. Where Did You Go?
11. Every Little Thing

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