Monday, May 9, 2016

DRAMA-Escapades (1988)


How about a little late-night drama? Well, late for me, anyways. And at least it's not the kind of drama to keep you up late at night! More of a winding-down thing for me, really, as I cranked up the volume on my music player and finally took some time out to tune into "Escapades", the final studio album by this Norwegian pop/rock band who, quite literally, went through some drama itself—of-stage personnel changes, from what I understand. Well, if there was any kind of 'drama' to be had in the 40+ minutes I spent with their last batch of recordings, it would have to be their flair for the dramatic in delivering some of these hits. Their farewell performance commences when the spotlight casts down on the opening track, "Shine". Excellent, super-catchy 80's pop spruced up with a touch of jazzy trumpets—just the way I like it! And I liked it even more when the lady seals the deal at the end with her provocative words of 'shine on me baby'. But that snippet of a sexy moment has got nothing on Track #4's "Lick Me Up". Doesn't the phase 'lick me up' by itself already ooze sexiness? That same lady returns again with more provocative words at the very beginning and spurts of sensual tease throughout. Oh, and there's a jam to dig into beneath all of the foreplay, me particularly liking the nifty electronic vocal effect of 'lick me up' being echoed in the main hook. Speaking of hooks..... It's because they're so good that makes it hard not to get hooked onto "Hard To Hold" and the romantic feel-gooder " Dancin' ", the latter having that I-wish-it-would-play-on-forever effect on me because I got all caught up in the charm of the melody and the sweet words of eternal togetherness featured in the main chorus. A delightful gem of an easy-listening tune is "The Clattering Rain" which, coincidentally, I was listening to as it was literally pouring rain outside of my windows; the natural ambiance of the weather combined with the calm of the night, it seems, only enhanced my enjoyment. Then perhaps the one that affected me the most is the one with the least number of letters in its title: "Why?". So haunting is the line that's offered up repeatedly: 'why are we running away from truth?'. A very intriguing question, and one that still applies even now some three decades later. So fitting that the remix for "Lick Me Up" formally concludes this little 'escapade' of mine back into the awesome 80's, even being called the 'Sweatmix', no less. Don't have this "Escapades" album in your collection yet? Don't sweat it, because I've got you all covered right here:

1. Shine
2. Why?
3. Hard To Hold
4. Lick Me Up
5. The Clattering Rain
6. Escapades
7. Why Do Learn About It?
8. (When We're) Together
9. Dancin'
10. Lick Me Up (Sweatmix)

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