Thursday, May 19, 2016

FORTYFIVE DEGREES-One In A Million (1997)


Yeah, it has certainly felt about 45 degrees—at least in three out of the past four days here in my part of the world (and that's in Fahrenheit, of course). So while it seems like spring weather has decided to take a break for a while, I decided to spring into action and chill out with a Danish boyband trio whom I only recently became aware of, thanks to a tip by one of my many loyal blog followers. FORTYFIVE DEGREES—how in the world did I miss these guys? And that's so surprising for me on a couple of accounts! Of course, there's me being the ultimate boyband lover, for starters. Then there's the secondary surprising fact that this trio's first and only album, "One In A Million", was produced by the Danish bubblegum Eurodance act JAMPACK under the alias JAM & DELGADO, and I had previously listened to JAMPACK's own first and only album, "Inspiration", plus featured it right here on "The Music Spectrum" at at Well, while this FORTYFIVE DEGREES trio definitely isn't what I would categorize as a bubblegum act itself, their only collection of recordings definitely is jam packed with music that is oh so sweet to my ears! The guys heat things up right away with the dance thrill of an opener that is "No One In This World", and my immediate impressions were that they vocally and production-wise sound strikingly similar to the Dutch boyband act CAUGHT IN THE ACT as well as the earliest 90's incarnations of TAKE THAT, the latter group whom I coincidentally had on my mind all day after having seen one of their old CD's, "Nobody Else", in a resale shop I visited yesterday afternoon. In fact, they heat things up many times throughout this cool breeze of an album with further dazzling dance delights, including the disco-groovy "I'll Never Let You Go" (the words are as sweet as the music, 'as long as my heart keeps beating, I'll still be loving you' being the line from the chorus that sticks to me), the lofty song of confidence that is "It's Just A Matter Of Time" (ah, a terrific jazzing-up in the midway saxophone instrumental break was the highlight for me here for sure!) and "Turn It All Around". 'Music Surprise Of The Day' #2: the guys covering "Deeper Love", which the JAMPACK production crew itself had recorded for their "Inspiration" album. Had instantly recognized it from the title then the funky feel-good beat and party atmosphere, and then those lovey lyrics, and it's still THE TOTAL JAM in this alternate boyband format! The high-energy Euro-house heat becomes that perfect boyband dance-pop bounce that I crave when they cool it down by an ounce or two on cuts like "Everything You Want" and the inspirational song of earnest promise that is "Never Give Up". Then when they cool it down even more, they're harmonic voices are so sublime. The title track, which I adored as soon as they allured my ears with their acapella in the opening movement, is like being lost in a romantic dream, taking in the music's graceful flow and the special feel of the poetic lyrics where they talk about one in a million dreams, one in a million kisses and one in a million stars. Ending it the same way they started—with another harmonic acapella delivery—tops it all off so nicely! Three picks for my nomination of 'Slow Jam Of The Night': their smooth, soulful remake of Kim Wilde's "This I Swear", "Forever Girl" and their equally smooth, soulful remake of the EVERLY BROTHERS classic, "All I Have To Do Is Dream", which is a marvelous choice for them to show off their collective, tender voices, even though it was a bit too short for my sweetened ears. All three of these gems promise to soothe and warm your heart.....just like this FORTYFIVE DEGREES trio promises to light up your night:

1. No One In This World
2. Everything You Want
3. One In A Million (Album Version)
4. Deeper Love
5. This I Swear
6. I'll Never Let You Go
7. The Sky Is Falling Down
8. Never Give Up
9. It's Just A Matter Of Time
10. Forever Girl
11. Turn It All Around
12. All I Have To Do Is Dream

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