Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jeune-Back To Reality... (1995)


That's right—back to the reality that is my own special place inside this virtual world of cyberspace, bringing you another old-school treat rescued from the jowls of music oblivion. Guess that party really wasn't over after all—that being in reference to the final studio album released back in 1993 by the band that consisted of some of the former Disney Mousketeers from the "Mickey Mouse Club" television series—as member Albert Fields would go on to embark on a solo career under the alias Jeune. Definitely a surprise to me when I became aware of that fact not too long ago, so it was my every intention to claim my copy of Jeune's first and only known album to date. If you're looking for something simple and smooth to chill out to on a lazy afternoon (as was the case for me today), "Back To Reality..." is the perfect choice to serve as your easy-listening companion. Been such a long time since I've listened to the collective voices of the entire PARTY, but it's quite refreshing to hear Albert all by himself, particularly when the silkiness and loftiness in his own voice soars over the funky r&b grooves on cuts like the opening track, "I'm Da Man...", where he proclaims to be a woman's every need and a man for every occasion, and the soulicious 7+ minute piece entitled "Deep", the latest qualifier for the 'Slow Jam Of The Night' nomination with its seductiveness, his pants and moans of arousal and satisfaction towards the end thrusting home that passion and desire further. Those funky r&b grooves—that's what I adore about my trip into his reality the most. Besides the seriously funkin' "Blow My Mind" and the trippy "High", my #1 favorite that blew my mind was "Get Your Groove On" (oooh, the beat and the r&b swing is so sweet here; let the music freak your soul indeed, as Albert so eloquently puts it), followed by the meaningful messages he delivers in the down-to-earth lyrics on "Gotta Get Paid", where he tells the plain awful truth about needing that cash flow to keep up with the rest of the working class, and "Ghetto", where he reveals his dream to restore the underprivileged areas of society back to a glory. Then to reinforce the fact that his love is real and that he still wants to be a woman's man for every occasion, "Swing That Ass" gets right down to the point of him wanting to get freaky beyond just the teasing and pleasing. And I like how the jazzed-up thirty-second snippet at the every end tops it all off, ending this segment of the party on a good note:

1. I'm Da Man...
2. Ghetto
3. Gotta Get Paid
4. Get Your Groove On
5. Deep
6. High
7. Blow My Mind
8. Swing That Ass
9. SSB (Reprise)

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Liz B said...

OMG, I've wanted this fora long time!!! Thanks! I've also been meaning to get back to your last message for a long time but don't feel like writing too much, but you asked when my bday was and it's June 4, I'll mention that much. yep, coming up. I hope you had a good one yourself.