Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Paul London-Ti Amo…The Album (1997)


I Haven't walked away from Paul London's first solo album yet? Good, because you won't want to walk away from his second effort either! For every bit of a thrill that "Don't Walk Away" was (and is and will continue to be, as I plan to listen to it many more times), "Ti Amo…The Album" is double the thrill! This Paul London guy is chock full of surprises on this one, the most prominent of them being the explosive, high-energy Eurodance production, which I was totally not expecting! Well, maybe I should have expected that, considering the house rhythms to some of the selections recorded on his previous album, but the beats featured here are light-years ahead of any of them! Plus, there's the fact that, in addition to English, he sings in both Spanish and Italian, a cool bit of info I discovered in reading up on him in his biography on his official website at http://www.paullondon.com/. And then there is the trio of songs on his album that collectively became my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day' because they are all glitzy mega-Eurodance remakes of memorable pop favorites: "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" (I've heard a gazillion covers of this popular romantic George Benson classic, yet only a handful that have been given the techno remix treatment, as is the case here!), "Ti Amo" (I have fond memories of the late Laura Branigan performing her 80's version of it, which echoe through my mind while the dance-friendly music in this Paul London version the music played on in its reinvented format) and "Gloria" (fond memories of the late Laura Branigan again, as I loved her 80's version of it the most; so awesome to hear this energizing Eurodance remake of the original!). Perhaps a surprise within a surprise was hearing Paul performing "Ti Amo" in both Spanish and Italian, neither of which I'd heard before! Then perhaps a surprise within this surprise: the refreshing updated versions to a pair of cuts recorded on his previous album: "Dance With Me" and "Don't Walk Away"—the former being noticeably more jazzed up and grooved up with the blaring trumpet and heavier bass bounce, respectively while the latter gets a rejuvenated upgrade to transform the former house rhythm into an exhilarating, electrifying dance party! If you had wished for there to be dance remixes of your favorite tracks from the first album, just about all of your dreams have been fulfilled right here! Joining the batch of remixes and remakes are a slew of Paul London originals that instantly excite from the very first sound of the beat! Jamming to "Volare" at the very beginning quickly reminded me of how often I don't get to indulge in Spanish Eurodance, so it was quite the exposition tto be entertained by that one, plus the festive Latin-flavored super thrills that are "Marina" and especially the happy bounce-along number "Alla En El Rancho Grande" (that first word is pronounced 'ah-YAH', by the way), with its dazzling instrumental display by the unified trumpets, horns and flutes and London's own dazzling display on the vocal side of things—stunningly majestic and operatic and romantic, all at the same time. It further occurred to me that I rarely get to hear Eurodance jams featuring Italian lyrics, despite the countless Eurodance songs I've heard over the years being formed by singers of Italian nationality. "Caruso" shows London demonstrating those stunning, operatic vocals of his again (seems to be a signature aspect about Italian music in general) while I just loved listening to him singing in Italian all throughout "Felicita" (definitely Italian, because her name is pronounced as 'fay-lee-CHEE-tuh' instead of what I thought was 'fay-LEE-cee-tuh') and the marvelous slow tune, "Non Ci Laceremo Mai" which, despite me not understanding hardly a word of it, sounds very romantic nonetheless and even kinda reminds me of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing". Well perhaps he was in need of some sexual healing for real on the beauty of a slow groove that is his dedication to "Diana"; such a pleasure to hear him switching between the English lyrics and the Spanish lyrics on the fly. And with that, I must say that I am flying pretty high myself after getting a much-needed charge out of this bombastic album!

1. Volare (Featuring Lailo)
2. Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You
3. Caruso
4. I've Got It
5. Marina
6. Diana
7. Ti Amo
8. Felicita
9. Non Ci Laceremo Mai
10. Dance With Me
11. Lemon Dance
12. Gloria
13. Don't Walk Away
14. What's Up, What's New?
15. Alla En El Rancho Grande
16. Te Amo (Spanish Version)

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