Saturday, May 7, 2016

POINTER SISTERS-Right Rhythm (1990)


Any time is the right time to show some love for my all-time favorite all-female vocal pop groups! Especially now, considering I'm still in the process of organizing the 'P' entries in my music library. And that mission for organization led me to recall one of the sisters' albums old albums that I had first listened to years and years ago" "Right Rhythm", something I'd never heard at he time when I'd one day made a casual, routine trip to the real library—the local public library, that is—and checked it out on physical CD. Almost two decades later, I'm realizing how much of a gem this album still is.....and being reminded that these sisters always have that right rhythm when they're performing together! 'Totally hip' sisters is more precise, I would say, as the arrival of the 90's saw a distinctive upgrade in both their sound and lyrical style to match the trends of that music era. Right off the bat, they've got some friendly advice for you on the upbeat jam "Friends' Advice (Don't Take It)" . Listen to it, hear it, think about it and consider it—do everything but apply that bad advice to your own life. "Man With The Right Rhythm" is indeed all about the more ways than one. It's the funky pop beat, for starters, then those sultry lyrics with the sizzling sisterly sass that spices up everything else. Love the repetitive screams of one of them going 'Hey!' throughout, plus when they all join in together to slam down the main hook with memorable lines like 'ooh, you give me a heart attack' and 'you shake me like an earthquake'. One jam in particular that had taken me by complete surprise is "You Knocked The Love (Right Outta My Heart)". Some real rockin' on this one—from the gritty rock guitars to their even grittier vocals, which are a perfect match for the angst delivered lyrically all throughout the song. They're keeping things real on "Real Life", where they're determined that the man in their romantic fantasies will no longer be only a simple fantasy and will be all theirs in due time. So cool to hear Ruth gettin' hip with rap lyrics she lays down midway through, he sisters backing her up with the chants of 'go Ruthie, go Ruthie!'. The trio really blows my mind on the mega-jam that is "Insanity". 'Extremely Catchy Hook Alert', listening to the sisters break it down in the main chorus with 'it's insanity, it's inhumanity, every time you look at me'' and the whole story about running back to the same fool of a man who keeps messing up her mind time after time. They even toss in a bit of humor in the closing movements, especially the part about being put in a straight jacket because she's so crazy. My #1 favorite happens to be the one that I always find the most touching: "Where Have You Been?". It's a sincere and inspirational message to an emotionally lost friend, the words of 'don't be afraid to ask for help' and especially the line 'I've been missing you, old friend' when they join in together in the second movement affects me so much. And to ensure that they remained #1 on the music charts themselves, the sisters close out the album with the celebratory song of gratitude for the fans with ""We Just Wanna (Thank You)". After some brief snippets taken from their previous hits of the 80's, the song explodes into a festive jam filled with aspirations about future success. But it wouldn't be a POINTER SISTERS song without another touch of sisterly sass and humor, which they boldly display midway through when each of them takes a minute to give their respective shout-outs to close family, a handsome hunk of a man and Jesus Christ himself. So let me point you in the right direction with your music-listening tonight: 1990's "Right Rhythm"—just what you need to get you right on track:

1. Friends' Advice (Don't Take It)
2. Man With The Right Rhythm
3. Real Life
4. After You
5. You Knocked The Love (Right Outta My Heart)
6. Billy Said Yes
7. Insanity
8. What A Woman Wants
9. Where Have You Been?
10. We Just Wanna (Thank You)

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