Saturday, May 28, 2016

QATTARA-Come With Me (1997)


As I do on a daily basis, I took a few minutes of my last Saturday night of this month to indulge in one more quick chill-out session. For that, I went back to my electronic music collection and retrieved a single I had acquired quite a while back: "Come With Me", a collective effort between trance DJ's Alex Whitcombe, Andy Cocup and Mike Mukhopadhyay, otherwise known as QATTARA. I always love these trance cuts with the dreamy ambient melodies swirling in the background and contrasting against the thumping fast tempo of the techno beats, whether there's a vocalist providing lyrics or not. In this case, you get both; a lovely lady who is only identified as Roxanne provides the angelically soothing words of 'follow me, I mean you no harm, I'll take you there' in the first pair of QATTARA mixes, the second one being a mega 9+ minute dream dance paradise! And if that isn't some serious chilling out, then how about the other 8+ minute mixes to extend that dream in paradise a little longer? The 'Qattara Vocal Mix' is absolutely perfect as it is, although I love the 'Paul Van Dyk Remix' as well because of the different textures it offers, beginning with Roxanne's seductive whispers of 'come with me' and building up in intensity, the buzzing techno noise effects sprinkled beneath the beat which really makes the music come alive at around the halfway mark. . Really comes alive with the buzzing techno increasing in intensity at halfway point. The 'Pure Mix' is purely paradise as well, awakening the senses with its overall glitzier sound and having so much more going on with the melody, particularly the the part when the tempo slows for that woodwind atmospheric break, the music simply breathes into every part of you:

1. Come With Me (Qattara Vocal Edit)
2. Come With Me (Qattara Vocal Mix)
3. Come With Me (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
4. Come With Me (Qattara Pure Mix)
5. Come With Me (Atomix)

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