Monday, May 2, 2016

Quench-Sequenchial (1994)


I haven't totally quenched my recent thirst for electronic and trance music. Consequently, I went on yet another much-needed chill-out journey tonight with another gem that's been resting patiently—and, perhaps, undisturbed for far too long—in the 'Q' entries of my music collection. That would be "Sequenchial", the high-octane debut of an album by the electronic house music producer Christopher J. Dolan from Melbourne, Australia, better known by his stage name Quench. If you're ever in need of some cool tunes to help you relax and put you into a hypnotic state of mind, Quench has got you all filled up here! The lofty flight into his digital realm begins with the dreamy opener of electronic spacey bliss that is "Platform 9"; might as well have been entitled 'Cloud 9' with how this one makes me feel on top of the world.....if even for only 6+ minutes. I'd feel the same way for 7+ minutes more getting all caught up in the drum n' bass rhythm and suspenseful melody of the one right afterwards, loving how the beat picks up tempo in sync with the rising funky electronic groove and the suggestive whispers of 'feel it' alternating from the left speaker channel to the right speaker channel throughout. "Theta State" may be just a short snippet of a one-minute piece, but it will sure put you into a calming state with the echoing church bells and the slow-moving instrumental drone. It forms an appealing prelude to the Quench track I'd heard years ago in my previous travels into Quench's exotic realm of trance: "Dreams". An appropriate title for what is virtually the theme of this entire album, I totally dig the groovy downtempo bass and the distinctive voice of the guy speaking the word 'dreams' all throughout to add further hypnotics to the beat, the echoing church bells creating a nice contrasting texture for added effect. The 'Crunched Up Mix' found at the end is a great alternative to those who want a little extra bouncy spark and pizzazz to entertain their ears. Then there's one that will definitely 'redeem' your audio senses: "Redemption". The rhythm pumps you up while the unified moans of the Gregorian chanting in background give the music an almost spiritual feel, particularly with the lady delivering the short message 'forgive me Father, for I have sinned' midway through. Even its alternative slow ambient 3+ minute mix at the end has redeeming qualities. One of the coolest stops along this journey is Track #6's "Global Harmony". I like how the opening ambient drone and the swirly electronic ambiance spinning in the background allures my ears before the music gradually builds up until breaking out into a full-on trance explosion, highlighted by the soft chiming of the looping bell melodies and the distinctive glitzy, stringed accompaniment that rises up and down the musical scale. Briefly, the smooth trance transforms into some heavy techno that shocks the senses, the only rough spot along the way. After 8+ minutes of "Hope" is driven into you (the wind chimes make for an elegant touch), it's the "Sounds Of Jupiter" that takes you even higher into the cosmos. Thirsty no more—I've enjoyed my refill of this talented Australian DJ, right down to the very last drop:

1. Platform 9
2. Feel it
3. Theta State
4. Dreams (Original)
5. Redemption
6. Global Harmony
7. Hope
8. Sounds From Jupiter
9. Redemption (Ambient)
10. Dreams (Crunched Up Mix)

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