Sunday, May 15, 2016

Robin Gibb-Secret Agent (1984)


Investigating deeper into my lineup of recommendations from the awesome 80's, I uncovered a few tunes of a certain iconic British legend whom I was able to identify as none other than Robin Gibb. Just like THE BEE GEES were stayin' alive back in 1977, I was, in essence, keeping them alive when I enjoyed a couple of spins of Robin's third studio album, "Secret Agent". Well it is no secret whatsoever that I'm an 80's music addict, and I suspect I've fed that addiction further, considering how much of an instant appeal every one of these nine tracks turned out to be. It all started with the perky, sunny opener of a song called "Boys Do Fall In Love", which had kicked off this investigation in the first place. Besides the catchy hook of 'b-b-b-boys do fall in love' getting embedded inside my head before too long, I noted how Robin's vocals—at least when he's delivering the verses—reminded me of those of HUMAN LEAGUE's Philip Oakey; I probably would've assumed as such had I not known this song was recorded by the iconic BEE GEES star. It's the unified voices of many singers that attracted me to "Livin' In Another World"—that, plus the simple bouncy synthpop beat—while it is the warming loftiness of Robin's voice alone calling out the name 'Rebecca' in sync with the dancey beat that keeps me all locked in to this album's fourth track. Before that, though, it was the cool, mechanical voice effects digitally transforming the British singer into an automaton for about three-and-a-half minutes that captivated me on "Robot". I like robots. I like how they sound and how they move. But Mr. Gibb doesn't like to be a mindless, computerized machine being controlled by somebody else, as he declares in so many words throughout this EXTREMELY addicting song—pure 80's bubblegum pop bliss! "X-Ray Eyes": it's so neat how even some of these titles just fit the whole 'undercover secret agent' theme.....and a song whose theme is about your lover having supernatural vision that can see through the clothes you wear can only have come out of the good ole 80's. "In Your Diary" is another one penned and produced to perfection, me especially favoring that distinctive pounding drum at the end of every cycle of the bouncy beat, then the final movement of the song where there's a shift in the music's pitch. Was all caught up in the album's title track, too; loved it right away in its first few moments, and because it's been saved to my special 'Pop Mix' playlist (which is where "Robot" has also found a permanent home), it's one that I'll surely keep coming back to for additional addictive music moments, even while my 80's music investigation is still ongoing.....

1. Boys Do Fall In Love
2. In Your Diary
3. Robot
4. Rebecca
5. Secret Agent
6. :Livin' In Another World
7. X-Ray Eyes
8. King Of Fools
9. Diamonds

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