Monday, May 16, 2016



From investigating 'secret agents' to uncovering a mystery artist that needs further investigating altogether—it was another case of 80's music nostalgia when I was able to retrieve this latest rarity to add to my pop music collection. I have no clue as to the origins of this singer named Tim Wright, but thanks to the bit of available information from cross-referencing several music databases, I am at least familiar with one of the members of the 'Little Brother' family that serves as Tim's backup vocalists: Jimmy Helms. Remember the iconic British vocalist who served as the front man of FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS, the guys responsible for the 80's hit, "She Drives Me Crazy"? So that leads me to believe the rest of the crew may be British itself. Just the Jimmy Helms connection itself serves as the latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day' for me; no surprise at all, then, that I would find this mystery Tim Wright character to be just as soulful of a singer as Mr. Helms himself. That was among my immediate first impressions taking in the early beginnings of the opening title track on this group's one and only album they released together, the other impression being that good ole 80's/early-90's throwback melodic rock sound that I always crave. And it's an opening track that stuck with me throughout the entire 40+ minute duration, which actually included a couple of replays. The suspenseful, intense mood created by the production was well-chosen for a song about surviving through heartbreak and pain, topped off by Tim's dynamite straining vocals leading the way ('girl, you nailed me to the fence for the world to see' is one of his strongest lines from the lyrics) and the bitter words of the backing crew singing 'I learned my lesson, don't want you back' over and over again. After that, it was me being drawn in to and marveling at the group's unified vocal force or an irresistibly catchy hook pleasing me on every song thereafter the rest of the way.....or a winning combination of both! Highlighting that statement of distinction are my personal favorites of "Sacrifice" (one that gets directly to the point with the simple message of sacrificing everything he has for the one he loves, and one where Tim's demonstrates some vocal skill reaching for the lofty high note that is so hauntingly reminiscent of Jimmy Helms' style), "Stranded" (just totally great music here!), "Need To Work Together" (this one's on par with "Survivor" in terms of intensity, which is a fitting sound for the group's motivational messages of struggling and striving for a better life instead of fighting one another), the inspirational "Hold On" and "(Hit Me) Straight Between The Eyes" (I could bask in the bouncy swing of this one all day long and still have an insatiable desire to listen to it again!). As dark and intense as the album begins, there's a light at the end of the tunnel with the feel-good concluding cut, "We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place". I miss these kinds of songs with the carefree, simplistic love lyrics—moving on to a better world with the one you eternally want to be with. Needless to say, I have 'survived' through yet another highly-addicting poptastic treat; will you be the music warrior and survive through it yourself?

1. Survivor
2. Run To Me
3. Sacrifice
4. Stranded
5. (Hit Me) Straight Between The Eyes
6. Thief In The Night
7. Need To Work Together
8. Hold On
9. We're So Positive
10. We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place

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