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Tony Di Bart-Falling For You (1996)


It never ceases to amaze me how a lot artists I've known about for eons and ages have never had the chance to formally grace my ears! Case in point at this particular juncture of my music listenings: British singer Tony Di Bart. Seen and heard the name in so many different areas of my past; never heard not one of his songs until this final Friday of this month of May! So as it was, a mixture of both personal long-standing curiosity and a blog follower's request led me to obtain Tony's solo debut, "Falling Into You". And I myself can say that I am doing a bit of 'falling', because I have FALLEN IN LOVE with the marvelous tunes on this album! Didn't have to wait for the hour's time approximately it took for me to delve deep inside Di Bart's dazzling world to realize that; it was more like after eight-and-a-half minutes of immersing myself in the beautiful, romantic opening title track, which had already became my next pick for 'Slow Jam Of The Night' the very instant the dreamy music and Di Bart's dreamy soul captivated my senses! Such a beautiful song, in fact, that I had to tune in twice before falling even deeper. And a perfect song to stay indoors with and sink into when it's a chilly, rainy and gloomy outside the bedroom windows; so were the autumn-like weather conditions over here in my neck of the woods this morning. From sweet, seductive things to familiar, jazzy swings—Track #2's "The Real Thing" was a real awakening and reawakening—an introduction kicking off the series of Di Bart's wonderfully-produced jazzed-up selections and yet another round of cool instrumental delights to make me and my ears happy. Pretty nifty how he intelligently and smoothly weaves the memorable lyrics from the main chorus of Yvonne Elliman disco classic, "If I Can't Have You", into his own main chorus. I'd jumped down to Track #4 shortly afterwards when something else familiar grabbed my attention: the title of "Turn Your Love Around". Would it be the same song recorded by the great George Benson that I'd heard literally dozens of times on the easy-listening radio stations during my lifetime? It sure would be! Always fun to hear these old-school classics in a renewed, contemporary Europop format, and this Tony Di Bart remake is simply poptastic! If that wasn't thrilling enough, Di Bart released an entire single of this remake, which includes a slew of dance remixes to satisfy every house music lover (now there's something to fall head over heels for!). But no disrespect to this album's third track called "Secrecy", which is a marvelously jazzed-up groove itself, as is the festive and celebratory vocal and music explosion that is "We Got The Love" (gotta love that super-extended instrumental jazz session that draws this one out past the five-minute mark!). One that's a rejuvenating spark—on two accounts, in fact—is the cut that gets right down to the point: "Do It". Recapturing that old flame and burning passion as if it he was falling in love for the very first time in his life—that's what this one's all about, and the upbeat, dancey groove that gets the body on the move reinforces his stated theme of the woman 'doing it like you used to do it' all throughout. Tender, touching moments are easy to fall into as well, and that's why I needed to listen to the emotional message he delivers on "Father". Then there are those songs that haunt the mind when the words of pain and sorrow escape the songwriter's heart and fill into your own. "Why Did Ya?" is one of those—a cry out to the woman who broke him all up inside—and especially the jewel that is "What Am I Gonna Do?", whose heavenly, dreamy ambiance belies the darkness and gloom felt as he searches for answers and ways to remove the void created by the absence of the woman whom he built his entire world around. But not to end this post on a dark and gloomy note; the confidence and romantic sunniness pours back into his life on the concluding piece, "Stay A Little While". Then you've got even more exciting thrills with the fun dance remixes on this album's second CD.....not to mention with all of the other extras contained on the singles that the generous music completist in yours truly is always providing for his loyal fan base:

CD #1

1. Falling For You
2. The Real Thing
3. Secrecy
4. Turn Your Love Around
5. Do It
6. Father
7. Why Did Ya?
8. What Am I Gonna Do?
9. We Got The Love
10. Stay A Little While

CD #2

1. The Real Thing (Dance Remix)
2. Do It (Dance Remix)
3. Why Did Ya? (Dance Remix)
4. Turn Your Love Around (Dance Remix)
5. We Got The Love (Dance Remix)

Tony Di Bart-Do It [Maxi-Single] (1994)

1. Do It (Dance Edit)
2. Do It (Soul Mix)
3. Do It (U.S. Edit)
4. Do It (12" Dance Mix)
5. Do It (12" U.S. Mix)

Tony Di Bart-The Real Thing [Maxi-Single] (1993)

1. The Real Thing (New 7" Dance)
2. The Real Thing (New 7" Radio)
3. The Real Thing (New 12" Dance)
4. The Real Thing (Original 12" Dance)
5. The Real Thing (12" Dub Mix)

Tony Di Bart-Turn Your Love Around (1996)

1. Turn Your Love Around (2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Radio Remix)
2. Turn Your Love Around (7" Soul Mix)
3. Turn Your Love Around (2 Brothers On The 4th Floor 12" Remix)
4. Turn Your Love Around (Nicolson 12")
5. Turn Your Love Around (Love To Infinity 12")
6. Turn Your Love Around (Aphrodisiac Dub)

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