Saturday, May 21, 2016

TOTAL TOUCH-This Way (1998)


In this case, one touch isn't too much; I'm happy to have spent a second night in a row with the delightful Dutch group TOTAL TOUCH. And I spent a total of 70 minutes—well, roughly anyways—getting my jam on with lead vocalist Trijntje Oosterhuis and her crew of soulicious backup singers here on their sophomore effort. Considering that 53 minutes is the precise calculated running time of the collective fourteen tracks, that suggests that I listened to at least one of these songs twice, right? You betcha! One of those was the opening track right off the bat: "Back In The Groove". Nothing like a upbeat funky jam to waken up the senses and get the music energy pumping, the guest male DJ on rap adding a little sizzle to the spice. Reinforcing the versatility and range of Trijntje Oosterhuis's voice is "Moment Of Truth" (love how it flutters, and I even love that soulful acapella harmony put on display in the preceding "Prelude Of Truth" before this magical moment), plus the beautiful song of eternal dedication to love that is "I Will Stay Around" (her soaring vocals are totally heavenly!) and especially the concluding, warm and fuzzy piano piece, "Endlessly", which restates her eternal dedication to love in epic, showstopping, theatrical fashion. The emotions are seething with hurt, pain and frustration, however, on a pair of particularly intense performances: "Ego" (the production is picture perfect fit for this song's theme , led by the hip-hop beat and accented by the record scratches and the blaring rock guitars all throughout) and "Forgive - Won't Forget". Well there's a new favorite jam of mine that I won't be forgetting any time soon myself: "Love Me In Slow Motion". This exciting thriller reopens the doors back to the 90's Euro-house party, and just as she wants the man to make her day by taking his time to romance her slowly, deeply and truly, the music on this one made my day! While that one definitely isn't a slow jam (as the title would seem to have implied), "Here 'N' Now" is a nice tune that decelerates from the high energy, as does "I'll Say Goodbye" and the trippy title track. Then speaking of things that are trippy and chilled out, the "Train-Cha's Dream Interlude" is a marvelous nighttime-worthy groove to get you into that bedroom mood—2+ minutes of soothing Spanish guitar and water flowing ambiance and plenty of seductive oohs and aahs to sink into. Then just as there are so many songs that reinforces the group's leading lady being bold and in charge, the backup singers do it up big and bold themselves on "Do You Mind?", another awesome upbeat jam with a terrific r&b swing! And with that, I totally recommend that you swing your way right "This Way"; it's sure to touch you in all the right places:

1. Back In The Groove
2. I'll Say Goodbye
3. Here 'N' Now
4. Love Me In Slow Motion
5. Prelude Of Truth
6. Moment Of Truth
7. I Will Stay Around
8. Ego
9. Train-Cha's Dream Interlude
10. Someone Like You
11. Do You Mind?
12. This Way
13. Forgive - Won't Forget
14. Endlessly

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