Friday, May 20, 2016

TOTAL TOUCH-Total Touch (1996)


I wasn't expecting myself to still be on a Eurodance kick tonight, but I'd quench my thirst for even more the high-energy music when I satisfied some curiosity and I touched bases with this Dutch act that calls itself TOTAL TOUCH. Except the Eurodance, I would soon discover, only played a minor part in my total enjoyment of their twelve-track self-title debut. Twice is nice—the explosive voice of this group's leading lady pumps some serious power into the full-out super-charged jams of "Touch Me There" (love how she seductively purrs 'kiss' all throughout) and the carefree floor-filler "Doo Be La Dee", with some big-time boost by the soulicious backup vocalists. Yes indeed, the vocals of everyone in this TOTAL TOUCH party turn every song into a dynamite feature attraction, but I've also gotta give major props to the production crew for masterminding the killer beats that infected me with another bad case of pop addiction. I'd experience those symptoms as early as the opening track, "Higher & Higher", where I'd get introduced to the versatile-voiced lady whom I assume is shown on this album's cover artwork as pictured above—lofty and angelic at the beginning, then strong and bold towards the end. A great groove with a heavenly vibe to kick off the extravaganza, though me thinks the song would sound even greater in a reinvented dance remix format that I'm sure it's been given, judging from the way the music sort of builds up in the opening movements. Those symptoms, however, quickly worsened when I got to "Standin' Strong, Together!" (now THIS is what I call a total jam, and I'm totally digging that deep groove and the funky bounce and those cool digital voice box effects), then the feel-good "Friend Forever" (that midway break with the vocal ad lib going on and hearing the lead lady chiming in with the playful 'skoo-be-doo-dee-do' is my favorite part), the funked-up "Show Me Your Smile" and the seriously funked-up "That's What I Want", whose sultry lyrics (I like that 'make my body move' with the sassy, cheeky response of 'uh-huh') and the jazzy instrumental breaks featuring the saxophone and the trumpet make this into one exceptionally sexy song! She really gets in touch with herself and her soul when her soaring vocals deliver the words of earnest expectation to "One Moment Of Your Mind" and the concluding piece, "For This Moment Only". Then it's words of a different kind altogether when she promises never to fall for a man that doesn't belong to her on "Somebody Else's Lover", then is later intrigued about a man and what he's got to offer on the sweetly jazzed-up slow number, "So Curious". And I bet somebody out there now is a bit curious as to what you'll be missing if you don't get in touch with TOTAL TOUCH yourself:

1. Higher & Higher
2. Touch Me There
3. Interlude
4. Somebody Else's Lover
5. Standin' Strong, Together!
6. One Moment Your Mind
7. Friend Forever
8. That's What I Want
9. So Curious
10. Show Me Your Smile
11. Doo Be La Dee
12. For This Moment Only

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