Sunday, June 12, 2016

Barei-Throw The Dice (2016)


Sometimes in this life, you just gotta roll the dice and see where life takes you. That's especially true for me when it comes to music. I roll the dice seemingly every time I put on the headphones or turn on my car stereo on the chance that whatever is playing through my speakers will become an instant hit with me and, perhaps, even the next latest addiction. My gambling paid off huge dividends, because after a fellow music lover's alerts about the various performances in this year's Eurovosion Song Contest held in my favorite Scandinavian country (that's Sweden, of course) came to my attention, I allowed curiosity to take its course well beyond his suggested Youtube viewings and watched the official video of Spanish singer Barei's Eurovision contribution, "Say Yay!". Well that title says it all about the celebratory, on-top-of-the-world feeling rushing through me after enjoying this exhilarating dance jam! As I shared with him, I love these energetic high-energy club jams that get me in the moving mood! Definitely the ultimate weekend party anthem that's as exciting as it is uplifting! Beyond Barei's powerful voice absolutely blowing me away as she sings the uplifting and encouraging lyrics, I was captivated by the video itself, taking in the fun imagery of the different nationalities (and personalities) of people all over the globe busting out with their own unique dance moves and just being carefree: Of course, one three-minute round with "Say Yay!" (I like how that rhymes with her name) wasn't nearly enough, as I would proceed to watch the video several more times, then ultimately, deciding that I needed to get both all of the official remixes of the song as well as the album, from which it's rightfully slated as the very first track. So I could say that, in total, I've spent at least an hour's worth of my time immersing myself between Friday, yesterday and today in "Say Yay!" all by itself, with today being my day to indulge in the remix single and declaring the 'Tremme Remix' (this one's got a cool calypso accompaniment that I really like) and the 'Julian The Angel Remix' (love the ultra-glitzy synthesizing showcased in main chorus) to be among my top picks. That hour is more than the combined amount of time I spent listening to the remaining cuts on this album, though there might be some teetering of the scale should the poetically beautiful "Sacrifice", my second favorite dance track and one that has anthemic club potential, or my third favorite dance track, "Foolish Nana", which gets extremely addicting with the repeated words of 'I don't believe you nana' in the chorus, start to get the replay treatment, which I'm sure they will! "You Fill Me Up" has a celebratory air about it as well; I can tell that from the building-up in the rhythm it's just aching to become that full-out dance thriller that "Say Yay!" is.....or maybe it's just a bit of wishful thinking on my part. Listening to "Kingdom Of Paradox" is like being in a kingdom of music paradise&mash;even if only for three-and-a-half minutes—as she shows off some vocal versatility here with a breezy angelic approach that I like. But I love her when she does it up big and bold, and two other places where she reigns supreme are her performances of "Jump The Gun" and the moving piano ballad, "Wildest Horses", where she gets strong support by the soulful backing choir. It's always fun times when pop artists nowadays reach back to bring back that retro sound of yesterday; that's why "Super Ranger" and "Who Plays The Drums?" pleased my receptive ears. Then there's one that's a lot more than just a pleasing tease: "I Don't Wanna Lose You". The end of my first Barei adventure almost felt like the beginning: a powerful song brewing with emotion and catapulted by excellent production, even though instead of a full-out high-energy dance jam, you get a middle-tempo semi-techno arrangement accented by the deep tones of the accompanying keyboards. But I bet it's crying out to become a full-out high-energy jam, and hope it will at some point! Besides that, I adore how her angelic voice breaths into the word 'you' in last movements of main chorus, then how the backing singers chime in with their own haunting repetitions of 'you' in the closing moments. So just roll the dice and don't think twice—the good fortune of good music will come your way faster than you can say "Say Yay!":

1. Say Yay!
2. Super Ranger
3. You Fill Me Up
4. Who Plays The Drums?
5. Throw The Dice
6. Wildest Horses
7. Jump The Gun
8. Kingdom Of Paradox
9. Point Of No Return
10. Foolish Nana
11. Weather Girl
12. Sacrifice
13. I Don't Wanna Lose You

*****BONUS TRACK*****

14. Say Yay! [Video Mix]

Barei-Say Yay! (The Remixes) (2016)

1. Say Yay! [Galeb Remix]
2. Say Yay! [AtellaGali Remix]
3. Say Yay! [Allan Ramirez Remix]
4. Say Yay! [Tremme Remix]
5. Say Yay! [Julian The Angel Remix]
6. Say Yay! [Tom Siher Remix]

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