Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fredrick Ford-Dirty Little Secret [EP] (2005)


It's no secret that I am very much the dance music fanatic, so it's not surprising that I had wanted this next guilty pleasure of mine in my hands for a long time. Fortunately, the wait period has long been over for me to indulge in "Dirty Little Secret", the exclusive six-track EP album by the HI-NRG artist Fredrick Ford—the only full-length collection of songs by him that I'm aware of to this date. With these short EP albums, you gotta listen at least twice, especially if the dance lover in you wants that HI-NRG fill-up by enjoying all of your favorite songs to maximum completion. The secret's out the bag once Frederick starts cleaning up the dance floor with the club-friendly title track, the equally enticing rhythm of " Gotta Keep Movin' " sweeping in shortly thereafter on the follow-up track. My music senses came alive when the funky electronic undertones and the spooky ambiance of the appropriately-titled super-catchy jam, "That Sound", swept into my ears. "Mi Amor No More": besides the song title having a bit of a spunky zing to it, I fell for the big-time groovy disco rhythm—not once, but twice, and I suspect a couple more times when I decide to let Fredrick's "Dirty Little Secret" out of the bag again. Hadn't heard the George Michael original in years either (and still haven't, but will be changing that shortly as well), but it's fun hearing Frederick's redoing of "Too Funky" in a revitalized club/house format, as is always the case when it comes to remakes of golden oldies from the past. And now that I think about it, do I even remember the George Michael original? Don't press the stop button too early when the final beat of "Too Funky" has dropped; following the brief segment of audio silence is the surprise acoustic guitar ballad of a treat called "Voodoo Love", Almost a sad way to close things out, with Fredrick's regretful words of 'I guess I made you up' being delivered above the somber music, but as I found it to be a beautiful performance, it wasn't such a sad moment for me after all:

1. Dirty Little Secret
2. Gotta Keep Movin'
3. That Sound
4. Mi Amor No More
5. The Fire
6. Too Funky

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