Saturday, June 25, 2016

JONAS BROTHERS-It's About Time (2006)


Yeah, it's about time all right—time that I took some time to seriously tune in to this talented trio's music! A little late, I am, in getting caught up in the JONAS BROTHERS craze, which surprises even me, considering I've been aware of their existence ever since, well, they even existed! Plus, there's the fact of my undying love for all things boyband-related, which would suggest that I should have gotten hip to these guys by now. In a partial sense, I have; it was just last year (or a couple of years ago) when I enjoyed Joe's first and only solo album to date entitled "Fastlane", which had made for quite the mega thrill ride for me and my pop-loving ears. I think at the time they broke out onto the music scene, my attention was focused to other items of listening pleasure, so everything about them remained hidden from my view. All of that obscurity about their earliest accomplishments ended on this early Saturday evening, as I'd take about 45 minutes to indulge in the trio's eleven-track debut. Felt like I was back in high school all over again, hearing their collectively energetic teenage voices on the awesomely energetic opening track, "What I Go To School For". Forget the books and the teachers' dirty looks, THIS is a total jam that I would personally go to school for! Bet they really did have some fun turning a lot of heads in the classrooms and hallways with this hit, too, besides the lyrics already telling a fun classic schoolboy-goes-after-the-schoolgirl story. Then, of course, I'd discover soon afterwards that it was a cover of a hit penned by the British trio BUSTED, who is yet somebody else within the wide world of boybands whom I've been slacking off on getting around to. Needless to say, I'm now totally hooked on this song, so now I will have to 'bust' into new horizons again when I hear BUSTED's own original! Seems like I've been missing this kind of energetic pop/rock boyband punk from my usual diversified music-listening routine anyways; which explains why "What I Go To School For", plus the equally energetic super jam dedicated to the girl named "Mandy" (that part about 'S CLUB 7 and all those boybands' is my favorite line in the lyrics) and "I Am What I Am" so refreshing for a change. Then I get that whole school's-out-for-the-summer vibe on my soon-becoming-a-second-favorite, "6 Minutes". Pretty slick with the production they are on this one, the warming reggae-tinged hop in the verses suddenly accelerating to a full-throttle, high-intensity explosion in the main chorus that moves so fast that it'll take about six minutes of replays before the lyrics even hit you! And some really thoughtful lyrics they are, talking about how every minute that passes, something special between the songwriter and the girl happens. They're still keeping their eyes on the clock on the gem entitled "7:05", even if the mood is much more bitter in stark contrast this time around. 'I was fine until 7:05'—remembering the precise time that the love you shared has just been drained out completely is surely something to be bitter about. Not to be bitter, though, about the song's stellar presentation, the upbeat energetic kick and the high vocals of whichever Jonas brother is taking on lead singing duties here—is it Nick or Joe?—totally making this song pass with flying colors! Speaking of flying, the album's second track, "Time For Me To Fly", served as another highlight of my first full JONAS BROTHERS adventure. This time, they take on a very spunky retro-pop inspired personality in the beat while the words of self-inspiration and letting go of all worries and opening up the heart to new horizons create a sense of hope, comfort and peace. Open up my heart and knock on heaven's door. Time to let go of all the worries and soar to new horizons. Then there's the appealing delivery of "Year 3000" with its fun I-fell-in-love-in-the-future/I-came-back-and-everything's-all-good theme, the mentioning of "American Idol" Kelly Clarkson and playfully singing that their great-great-great granddaughter is doing fine adding some humorous touch. Kevin, Joe and Nick: three brothers have grown up and matured since their earliest days of performing, but this first album of theirs had already been a very mature collective first effort:

1. What I Go To School For
2. Time For Me To Fly
3. Year 3000
4. One Day At A Time
5. 6 Minutes
6. Mandy
7. You Just Don't Know It
8. I Am What I Am
9. Underdog
10. 7:05
11. Please Be Mine

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