Monday, June 6, 2016

K5-K5 (1997)


Keeping house party alive here at "The Music Spectrum" for at least another twenty-four hours, I've invited the electronic breakbeat sounds of a talented DJ and producer named Kevin Shiver—better known by K5, or one of his other numerous aliases&mash;to today's music mix. His much sought-after self-titled album features the combined efforts of his dazzling synthesized productions and the joint contributions of female session vocalists Tessa Calina, Tammy Wright and a male MC who calls himself Big-C. It's the ladies who dominate during this particular music extravaganza, Tessa kicking it off with the 7+ minutes of goodness that is "Lift You Up". A mighty bold performance she gives, her wailing chords perfect for the hip C & C MUSIC FACTORY-style arrangement of this jam! Surely, there's gotta be lots of dance remixes molded from this middle tempo original; it certainly sounds like it should be given the full-out dance treatment! That would come with the next one, "Forever", where you can feel the Euro-house building and building during the opening movement. It's cool how the flow alternates between the mid-tempo breakbeat Freestyle-inspired beat to the groovy house rhythm, the looped words of 'I will love you forever and ever' turning it into quite the entrancing experience. Then that experience suddenly becomes into something erotic on "Passion", where Tammy's seductive lures of 'mmmm' and 'aah' and her arousing wails of 'yes!' say it all about the theme to this one! Yet totally unexpected is the switch from all the sultry provocativeness to getting you pumped up and into a party mood by the time the song jumps to the main chorus. Some of the best beats on this album are enjoyed right here, that signature Freestyle mixed in with a touch of disco strobe; Back to the dance floor on "Your Love" and "Destiny", which is classic high-energy Eurodance to the tee with the MC Big-C laying down the raps to add some hip flavor. Always so much fun hearing these breakbeat jams with the digitized robotic vocals, which is why "Let Your Body Go" instantly excited me. And I have the same sentiments of praise about about the "Space Intro", even if it's only a twenty-second introductory snippet to the concluding Euro-house groove "Space Frog". A production masterpiece, I must say, is what Track #7's 'Red Alert" turned out to be for me and my ears. The whole instrumental cacophony of the hard, mechanical arrangements mixed in with the buzzing sounds of the alarm made for quite the intense musical ride. Then there's one that I could ride to all day long: "Funky Rhythm". You get exactly what the title says it is with this mega-jam! Knew in the first few seconds that I'd love it, given the swirly, spacey glitz of the electronic ambiance and the ambiance beneath the wailing vocals of 'can you feel that funky rhythm?' fills your ears. This one's gotta be available as a full-out Euro-house dance thriller or two, or else this exhilarating house party wouldn't quite seem to be complete:

1. Lift You Up
2. Forever
3. Passion
4. Your Love
5. Destiny
6. Red Alert
7. Funky Rhythm
8. Let Your Body Go
9. Believe
10. Space Intro
11. Space Frog

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