Thursday, June 30, 2016

Nocera-Over The Rainbow (1987)


Somewhere over the rainbow, there is a beautiful music paradise on the other side. The Italian-born Maria Nocera had already been there—and back—by the time I got acquainted with her through her 1987 album. So now let me take you back to that heavenly place with this sweet treat from my collection of 80's pop goodies! When Nocera and her delightfully delectable voice dips into your audio senses on the opening dance hit, "Tell U So", you will know that you have done your ears a delicious deed indeed! Then you'll find yourself skipping and bouncing around with the rest of these luscious, easy-to-love guilty pleasures, such as "All Of My Love", her summer love anthem, "Summertime, Summertime", "Let's Go" (now THIS is some excellent 80's dance-pop, and I love her particularly cute 'baby talk' vocals here) and the instantly-catchy "Without You", whose funky synthesized beat and simple lyrics about being nothing without the man she loves reminding you so much why music from the 80's continues to be sorely missed by today's older (and not so old) generation. Thinking that this album's title track is another modern-day dance-pop cover of the memorable Judy Garland classic featured in the "Wizard Of Oz" movie? Not this time, and I have a feeling I might've fooled some of you, seeing as I have a penchant for featuring these albums full of covers of my all-time favorite hits. The chords and the beat to this Nocera incarnation of "Over The Rainbow" are significantly different than Judy's signature 1939 movie rendition that's come to be so popular over time, as us the song's theme, as instead of asking why oh why can't she fly like the bluebirds, she's dreaming and fantasizing about finding love on Cloud 9. The dreaminess remains afloat all throughout the comforting ballad, "Let It Be You"—dreaming of being with only one special man, and nobody else. Then even more dreaminess when you revisit the opening hit, "Tell U So", in the concluding reprise. I like the alternate airy ambiance with the main beat dropped out and Nocera's almost-acapella vocals serving as the main attraction. Somewhere over the rainbow, what will you find on the other side?

1. Tell U So
2. Summertime, Summertime
3. All Of My Love
4. Over The Rainbow
5. Without You
6. Let's Go
7. Play The Part
8. Let It Be You
9. Never Let Go
10. Over The Rainbow (Slight Return)

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