Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Róisín Murphy-Overpowered (2007)


Continuing my power mission to immerse myself in nothing but good music tonight, I came across something else that I hadn't checked out from the 'R' entries in my music collection in a long time: "Let Me Know", an awesome jam (as well as my #1 favorite, plus the very first of hers I'd ever enjoyed, in fact) by Irish pop singer Róisín Murphy. And why is the fourth track to Ms. Murphy's "Overpowered" album so awesome? Well, it;'s because of the funky retro rhythm, of course, one that samples the beat to the classic D-Train disco cut "Keep On". Had totally forgotten all about this; how wonderful it is to be enjoying it again after eight-some-odd years, getting me into that 80's feel-good zone that I crave to be locked inside of so much! And you first-time pop-loving listeners will definitely be in locked into this one as well, Murphy's repeated words of 'let me know when you're lonely, babe' in the main chorus soon keeping you company for a lot longer than just the 5+ minutes that the music here fills your ears! While I made sure to save that one onto my playlist of pop favorites, I took the time to over-indulge in the many other overwhelmingly pop-tastic delicacies. I could go back for second, third and fourth helpings of the ultra-groovy guilty pleasure that is "You Know Me Better", as well as of my #2 favorite, "Footprints", where that catchy retro synthpop thing is happening again and the alluring double-layered vocals in the chorus make a lasting print on my ears, and the intense, techno-tronic offering "Cry Baby" (I love the attitude she boasts on this one, as she's tired and fed up with the troublesome man she's with). Songs with a sultry sizzle to them seem to be this Irish singer's forte. "Checkin' On Me" (I like the ceremonial-like rhythm and the 'dum dum dum dum' of the deep-voiced guy in the background in sync with everything else in the production) sees her being self-conscious and offended by her untrusting while she wants to let the wild animal in him out of his cage on "Primitive" (and that same deep-voiced guy is back here, adding an extra layer of animal fervor beneath her hushed, intimate vocals). Always space for a little sweet bubblegum on these pop albums, and "Movie Star" is one that's got you all covered with that sugar-coating of love.....and then some. 'You be the director, I'll be the movie star', is what she declares in her innocent angelic voice, and I'm sure you can deduce just what kind of movie she's singing about in the lyrics:

1. Overpowered
2. You KnowMe Better
3. Checkin' On Me
4. Let Me Know
5. Movie Star
6. Primitive
7. Footprints
8. Dear Miami
9. Cry Baby
10. Tell Everybody
11. Scarlet Ribbons
12. Body Language
13. Parallel Lives

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