Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rythme Fatal feat. Redd-Angel - Man In The Mirror (2004)


Take a look at yourself and make that change: those are just some of the memorable words of wisdom sung by the late King Of Pop on one of his greatest hits of all time, words that had first captivated my heart all the way back in 1988.....and continue to captivate me every time I hear it, even now in 2016. Of course, with me forever being nostalgic about my favorite music from my childhood, coupled with me being a dance music lover, I had instantly fallen in love with this 2004 club/house remake of this MJ classic engineered by the Italian producer who goes by the stage name of Rhytme Fatal (among various other exotic names) and South African vocalist Redd-Angel who, coincidentally, has also since passed away after having been dubbed 'Michael Jackson of Langa' for his part in reviving "Man In The Mirror". Though it was years that passed before I would acquire the full seven-track single, something that I just so happened to remember was sitting in the 'R' entries of my music library, where I am now concentrating with my music listenings. So in this way, I'm bringing back the magic twice more after having already brought back the magic previously back in November 2015 with my feature presentation of Danish pop singer Jay-Kid and his collection of Michael Jackson covers. Jay-Kid, however, did not perform "Man In The Mirror" for his proper album release, but hearing Redd-Angel performing it here on this single gives you a great idea of what it might've sounded like had it been included in the lineup. The vocal similarities between the late King Of Pop and the late South African singer are quite striking, particularly on the more soulful, r&b sound of the 'Original Pop Mix', whose slower tempo makes it more reminiscent of the 1988 original and where that signature MJ 'whoo-hoo' is wailed in the closing movements. That, coupled with the unforgettable inspirational words, will get you feeling all good about the magical 80's all over again. But when the tempo gets cranked all the way up for the pair of club and radio mixes, it's an even more magical affair, as the music will dazzle you dizzy and pump you up with an energetic dance boost! The 'Dancing DJs Remix' has an overdose of adrenaline, perhaps, as it borders on something in the realm of happy hardcore techno with its high-speed rhythm, while the 'Kenny Hayes Dub Addiction' is indeed a total addiction with its alternate arrangement to the beat and extended instrumental grooves. Looked yourself in the mirror lately? It might've been the man in you wanting to make a change:

1. Man In The Mirror [Club Mix]
2. Man In The Mirror [Radio Edit]
3. Man In The Mirror [Club Mix - No Crowd]
4. Man In The Mirror [Radio Edit - No Crowd]
5. Man In The Mirror [Dancing DJs Remix]
6. Man In The Mirror [Kenny Hayes Dub Addiction]
7. Man In The Mirror [Original Pop Mix]

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