Friday, June 3, 2016

SQEEZER-Drop Your Pants (1996)


It's my party, and I'll dance if I want to! Needing to get back into my music-listening endeavors after trekking off to other adventures for the past few days, I felt like celebrating my happy return to "The Music Spectrum" with this especially happy treat. The German Eurodance group that called itself SQEEZER (yes, that is spelled 'SQEEZER' with the 'U' purposely omitted, presumably for stylizing purposes) is all the sticky, sweet bubblegum that you can handle in one savory mouthful! Though with the two guys and the gal you see depicted above in cartoon form on the cover of their debut album, "Drop Your Pants", there's a little twist to the usual silly senselessness of the music from this sub-genre. It's like 90's Eurodance meets the retro pop of the 60's, and the very first indicator of that is the instrumental intro that is "Juke Box"—the title itself, it would seem, already suggesting sounds from that malt shop era. Then after that, you'd better fasten your belt buckles or your pants will drop for real once you've caught on to their extremely catchy anthem, "Blue Jeans". It's the deep, burping vocals of the two guys contrasting with the lofty lady's voice chiming in with the carefree 'na na na na na' while leading the way in the main chorus that's particularly enticing to the ears, plus the bit of retro swing that kicks off and ends the song. That same retro swing is what kicks off the happy sing-along of a dance party that is "Sweet Kisses"—dance party, literally, as it seems the beats and the chords sample the familiar and timeless Lesley Gore hit, "It's My Party" (which is what my introductory blurb at the beginning alluded to, in fact!). And so thoughtful of them to add those smooching sounds at the end for a final touch of sweetness! Then it's sweet dreams—in more ways than one—on "Oweo", the charming, starry melody surely getting stuck in your head after the first minute or two, while it's just sweet altogether listening to them performing "Choo Choo Bubblegum&mash;from one of the guy's even mentioning 'Juicy Fruit' gum explicitly in the lyrics to the way the the lady wails 'ooo-wee-ooo' (reminds me of something similar to another retro pop classic, THE TOKENS' "The Lion Sleeps Tonight") to more of that 60's retro pop production (don't those synthesized vamps heard at the very end of chorus even seem to sample the theme song to the TV sitcom, "Sanford & Son"?). The party becomes festively fabulous on "Bang Bang (Everytime You Want)" (the title surely gives that away) and my favorite, "Girls, Girls, Girls" (if the repeated chants of 'stomp your feet!' don't become addicting enough for you, then even hearing the guy's humorous vocals when it's his turn on lead and more of the retro pop samplings of Lesley Gore's "It's My Party" might do the trick). The SQEEZER trio does drop the tempo for a few minutes on the bouncy tune "Saturday Night", then again on the elegant island adventure that is "Holiday Love" and the breezy ballad "What Will I Do?", though I think I would prefer to keep the tempo up and let loose by dropping a few moves on the dance floor instead:

1. Juke Box
2. Blue Jeans
3. Sweet Kisses
4. Saturday Night
5. Oweo
6. Girls, Girls, Girls
7. What Will I Do?
8. Bang Bang (Everytime You Want)
9. Holiday Love
10. Tic Tac
11. Roller Baby
12. Scandy Randy
13. Choo Choo Bubblegum
14. To Be Continued

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