Friday, July 1, 2016

Annica-Annica (2003)


After a short trip back to the awesome 80's, it's back to my favorite Scandinavian country now so that I can acquaint your ears with the awesome voice of Swedish pop singer Annica Burman. After releasing her English-Swedish debut, "För Fulla Segel" in 1988, followed by a self-titled album two years later, she returned to the music spotlight more than a decade later with a second self-titled album, which I proudly present as an excellent listen and an excellent use of your undivided audio attention for the next 49+ minutes. From the moment her soulful chords wows you on the upbeat opener, "Been Thinkin' 'Bout You", where she couldn't say how madly in love she is with her baby any more louder and clearly, you'll be thinkin' that you made a great decision in letting this lady entertain your ears! You might decide ;later, however, that some of the other selections offered up on this album are more ear-pleasing for you. It could be the sensual sway of "Sweetheart's Lullaby" that you like. Or perhaps the moving power ballad, "Never Would Have Said Goodbye", where she confesses her regrets and wishing she could bring back yesterday.into the present. Or you might even favor the emotional, heart-touching piano piece, "The Place Where I Belong", where she's doing some deep soul searching as she embarks on her lonely journey. Maybe she'll dazzle you with such hip, funky jams as "Up All Night" (I myself adore this one; it's got a cool, bluesy kick to it and a wonderful ensemble of soulful backup vocalists, who totally make this song come alive!) the break-up song, "No Matter", where she's determined to walk away from the no-good man and follows through with that promise with the resounding thud of the door slamming at the very end, and her delightfully surprising, trippy r&b remake of "Freeway Of Love" (guess the legendary Queen Of Soul, Ms. Aretha Franklin, isn't the only lady who's goin' ridin' on the freeway of love in a pink Cadillac!). Dance lovers will fall head over heels when Annica makes like a disco diva on "I Wanna Love You" and the cheerful feel-gooder "I Love The Way You Love Me", both of which remind me of the 90's house music era all over again! Then closing it all out is the snippet of a piano ballad entitled "Above All", where the Swedish pop singer puts on one last dazzling display of vocal prominence. These trips over into the pop world of Scandinavia are always so much fun, and I'm glad to have taken you along this voyage with me:

1. Been Thinkin' 'Bout You
2. Sweetheart's Lullaby
3. Never Would Have Said Goodbye
4. Freeway Of Love
5. I Wanna Love You
6. So Suddenly
7. Up All Night
8. I Love The Way You Love Me
9. The Place Where I Belong
10. No Matter
11. Give Myself Away
12. Above All

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