Friday, July 8, 2016

BUSTED-Busted (2002)


Yeah, I'm busted alright! That's because me, being a boyband lover, found myself guilty of failing to show love for this British trio when they first 'busted' onto the scene way back in the early 2000's. It's the same deal here with this British pop/rock trio that it was with me and THE JONAS BROTHERS a few days ago: making good on a recent promise I made to myself in regards to checking out many of these boybands I practically missed on, I made some ground towards getting up to speed with the original guys who coined the hit, "What I Go To School For". Whether it's THE JONAS BROTHERS remake or this self-titled album version recorded about four years prior, it's definitely an awesome thrill for me either way! While I once again felt like I was back in high school myself, I noted how THE JONAS BROTHERS and these BUSTED bros sound remarkably identical, although I could make out a distinctive difference in the more adolescent vocals of the American siblings as compared to the more grown-up vocals of the English bunch. Besides that, I'm reminded about how much fun the lyrics to this hit are, particularly the part about the girl dropping a pencil on the floor, allowing the boys to see much more than just that writing instrument. Wonder if one of them got 'busted' for real as a result of their wandering eye..... Didn't mind at all taking another trip into the future "Year 3000", another fun moment during my recent joyride with THE JONAS BROTHERS. Though a little less going here on the original in terms of the spacey, electronic video game sound effects, the perky, upbeat sound is terrific nonetheless, and I still enjoy the part of the lyrics that talk about them finding boyband after boyband in 30th century while discovering that the great-great-great granddaughter is still looking fine. How many of you BUSTED fans initially had mistaken Track #9's "Dawson's Geek" as being titled :Dawson's Creek", as in the name of the television drama where singer Paula Cole can be heard performing the show's introductory theme song, "I Don't Wanna Wait"? Well I'm busted again, because they sure got me on this one! But then again, turns out I wasn't too far off base, as the bridge of the song where they confess ' I guess I'll have to wait for your life to be over ' serves as a nifty interpolation of the Paula Cole-penned classic lyrics that go ' I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over '. Somehow, I knew that they would slide in something from "Dawson's Creek" at some point. But "Dawson's Geek" is what the boys are singing about, and while the title may come off as humorous, there ain't no laughing matter when they offer up that the girl who's a big know-it-all really needs to look at her own self in the mirror. It's always fun when these young boybands sing about a certain special girl, and for the BUSTED boys, it's a song dedicated to "Britney". No, not Britney Spears, but another girl that the songwriter wants, but can't have, knowing that she's already attached to another guy (how's that for determination?). The production is what really snagged me, taking note of the stylistic way they sing 'baby' as 'bay-bay', then the way they sing 'me' at the momentary beat drop as more like 'may-uh', bringing to mind the early days of fellow boybands N*SYNC and BACKSTREET BOYS. I found even more thrills with the energetic jams "You Said No (Crash And Burn)" and "All The Way" (I must say a few replays of the latter was necessary; the song's turbo-charged tempo practically means it's over before I even put the headphones on!) , before the haunting chills of "Losing You", "Psycho Girl" and "Sleeping With The Light On" displayed the BUSTED boys' mellower side—three separate stories of lost or tainted love. I applaud the boys for their fine, mature efforts on both the song of reminiscing about the good old days that is "Everything I Knew" and the powerful outcry of empty-heartedness that is "Without You". If "What I Go To School For" is the perfect high school-boy anthem, then the concluding cut, "Loser Kid", is the perfect anthem of inspiration for the high school outcast. So often is there the story about the totally unpopular student, teased and tormented by his peers and dealing with all of the harsh realities of high school life, before triumphing through all of the adversity and achieving success. That loser kid? Well, he's a winner now, and that's something else that he should go to school for:

1. What I Go To School For
2. You Said No (Crash And Burn)
3. Britney
4. Losing You
5. Year 3000
6. Psycho Girl
7. All The Way
8. Sleeping With The Light On
9. Dawson's Geek
10. When Day Turns Into Night
11. Everything I Knew
12. Without You
13. Extra Exceedingly Fitness (Interlude)
14. Loser Kid

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