Saturday, July 23, 2016

Christopher Nissen-Colours (2012)


Bouncing right back with another colorful gem following my 'FUMBLE recovery' last night. In my continued investigations into the background of that Danish dance trio of Kim Enk Zorde, Mads Brink Laursen and Sebastian Mesterton Graae and discovering their individual production work for various individual artists, I ended up making several more new music connections within the nexus of contemporary Danish pop, one of them being a highly accomplished singer named Christopher Nissen. In contrast to the house party I threw for myself while indulging in FUMBLE's "Looking For The Sun", tuning into the easy-listening songs collected here on Christopher's debut album today was more like a relaxing lazy day at home—a nice and very-much-welcomed change of pace to coincide with my get-all-comfortable-and-cozy mood on a quiet, peaceful Saturday afternoon. Nevertheless, I couldn't help but to find my usual favor in all of the songs that possess lots of flavor from a production standpoint—for starters, the fun title track itself, which has that retro pop thing going on that's become the signature style of a lot of today's young pop artists. Christopher and the guest female vocalist Frida Amundsen really do make a beautiful singing pair; in fact, their respective distinctively light voices sound nearly identical and are, at some points, almost indistinguishable. Yet I had already found Christopher to be beautiful performing without supporting vocals all by himself, particularly on the charming jewel that's quickly become a personal Christopher Nissen favorite—"Morning Light" (this one just oozes with romantic dreaminess!)—plus the songwriting masterpiece "Avalanche" (this had been the first one to get stuck to me because of the songwriting, not to mention the overall tender mood created by the light guitar and soft piano combination) and especially "Against The Odds", which is competing with "Morning Light" has being my #1 favorite altogether with its awesome beat and Christopher's infectious delivery of 'say eh-oh' echoed in the chorus. Another one of his finest moments is captured on "Set The Record Straight"—a very strong performance dealing with jealousy that eventually grew on me. And how about the opening track, "Mine, Mine, Mine"? Well I'd just say that his uninhibited words of confidence, the skippy beat and the catchy whistle melody in the chorus makes the music here all fine, fine, fine:

1. Mine, Mine, Mine
2. Nothing In Common
3. Avalanche
4. Set The Record Straight
5. Against All Odds
6. Morning Light
7. Unbreakable
8. Big Mistake
9. Colours (feat. Frida Amundsen)
10. Still In Love
11. Lots Of Downs

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