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FUMBLE-Looking For The Sun (2006)


Football fans—of the American sport, to be precise—might be looking for the next touchdown in the end zone with this latest posting of mine. But then, they would find out that the only team that's currently playing is the Danish male dance trio made up of a Kim Enk Zorde, Mads Brink Laursen and Sebastian Mesterton Graae—playing to win over music lovers, that is, with nothing but good tunes on their first and only known studio album, "Looking For The Sun". While there was so 'fumbling around' at all done on my part in discovering these guys and retrieving them from pop obscurity, tracking down and pinpointing the group's exact music origins and other pertinent information related to them—despite my diligence—has managed to slip through my fingers. For instance, I'm uncertain which of the trio is the lead singer, although it appears that Kim, Mads and Sebastian have each had a part in the songwriting and the production. Suffice it to say, FUMBLE is yet another unsolved music mystery worth investigating more thoroughly, and it may require me to connect with a special Danish music agent for all the definite answers. Meanwhile, not so mysterious is this trio's witty and whimsical way with words weaved throughout this winner of an album, evidenced right at the outset with the wonderful opener, "New Sensation". Couldn't help but to conjure up memories of that old 1987 INXS hit as soon as I recognized the title, but the FUMBLE recording is a 'new sensation' altogether, having brand new lyrics and an entirely new sound that I could categorize as having an acid house, nu-disco arrangement with a lovely downtempo groove and an even lovelier jazzy trumpet accompaniment, all of which is a perfectly chilled backdrop for the soothingly smooth vocals delivered by the guy on lead. Almost lost in all of the sensational production is the shout-outs given in both Danish and English at the very beginning, then the slick rap break delivered in both Danish and English again midway through, plus the whole theme of the song itself, of which my ears recognized something about a guy who's not so sensational, as he's running away from some kind of humiliation. That 'almost lost' sensation would occur on plays of several tracks thereafter where I got so absorbed with all of the beats and the rhythms and the vocals and all of the other musical lusciousness. The prime suspects were the distinctively-80's-sounding—at least by my judgement—"Annie McCentric" (and I like how they took the word 'eccentric' and molded an entirely new word out of it in describing the woman's curious behavior on this song) and "Somewhere In Paris" (one of the songs here where his lofty voice rises to occasion), but then there's also the slower-tempo cuts "I Recently Learned Your Name" (that lofty voice rises to occasion again) and "Cliché Love Song", plus "Sometimes", which will always stand as a favorite, thanks to its soothing, disco-groovy rhythm and despite the lyrics about him not missing the woman not being so soothing. Something else that I will 'always' love about this album? "Always In Disguise"—loved it the moment the awesome electro-funky beat, the distorted vocals of the song's title and all of the other electronic, glitzy excellence sparked my ears! And that glitzy production just may have 'disguised' what this song's about, having only taken in the part about the woman always being somebody new and in-between. Though it was that same 'love at first play' sensation much earlier than that when I tuned into the beautiful title track—so beautiful because hearing him singing about looking for sun in the pouring rain. put to a wonderful downtempo house rhythm, projects a wonderful sense and air of happiness and hope. Staying on the bright side of things for a moment..... He's all charged up on "Electrical", which totally put a charge in me with its ultra-groovy electronic dance beat (accented with a cool touch of electric sparks and sputters at the end); confessing the good feelings pouring through him on "What Spring Does" (an ABSOLUTE favorite, thanks to the smooth jazz approach of the song) and dancing high above the clouds on "Show Me Heaven". But things turn a bit cloudy again on "Good Advice" (despite even more disco groovy-ness!) and the mellow, chilled-out offering, "When You Get Old (Missing You)", where there's some noticeable sadness in his earnest words of ' in my dreams, I've been kissing you '. The PET SHOP BOYS: I concluded that's what this Danish trio most reminds me of, and the shop will remain open for as long as FUMBLE keeps playing for its fans this season:

1. New Sensation
2. Looking For The Sun
3. I Recently Learned Your Name
4. Good Advice
5. When You Get Old (Missing You)
6. Electric
7. Always In Disguise
8. Cliché Love Song
9. Sometimes
10. Annie McCentric
11. Somewhere In Paris
12. What Spring Does
13. Show Me Heaven [Edit 2006]

FUMBLE-Always In Disguise (2006)

1. Always In Disguise (Radio Edit)
2. Always In Disguise (Jake Wattson Radio Mix)
3. Always In Disguise (Ken Kay Vs Lagerfeldt Remix)
4. Always In Disguise (Club84 Mix)
5. Always In Disguise (Mesterton Remix)

FUMBLE-Looking For The Sun [Maxi-Single] (2004)

1. Looking For The Sun (Radio Edit)
2. Looking For The Sun (Extended Version)
3. Looking For The Sun (Jake Wattson Beach Club Mix)
4. Looking For The Sun (Monosonic Deep Mix)
5. Looking For The Sun (Sidelmann Visionary Mix)
6. Looking For The Sun (OBE Chill Mix)
7. Looking For The Sun (Unplugged @ Fumble Studio)

FUMBLE-Sometimes (2004)

1. Sometimes (Original Radio Edit)
2. Sometimes (Jake Wattsons Organic Radio Edit)
3. Sometimes (Original Club Mix)
4. Sometimes (Monosonic Stockhausen)
5. Sometimes (Jake Wattsons Organic Groove Mix)

FUMBLE-Somewhere In Paris (2005)

1. Somewhere In Paris (Original Radio Edit)
2. Somewhere In Paris (Lagerfeldt's French Connection Radio Edit)
3. Somewhere In Paris (Lagerfedlt's French Connection Mix)
4. Somewhere In Paris (Jake Wattson Club Mix)

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