Friday, July 29, 2016

Lynden David Hall-The Other Side (2000)


When it's after 8 o'clock P.M. on a rainy, quiet, summer Friday night, it's time to get comfortable and into the soul mode. And there was not a more perfect selection from my current backlog of unlistened to music material for me to get all nice and comfortable with than the late British neo-soul singer, Lynden David Hall, and his second solo album. At only thirty-one years young, Lynden surely departed the world much too soon, but with him now resting peacefully on the other side, I hope that these fourteen wonderful tunes from his abbreviated career will not depart from you and keep his spirit alive and well. Not a difficult choice at all in me declaring the very first track, "If I Had To Choose", as one of my favorite selections, instantly getting all wrapped up in the lovely groove. Apparently not a difficult choice for Lynden either, as he's head strong in knowing that he wants to be 'nothing like you', as part the lyrics to the chorus flow. Easy pickings is the follow-up, "Forgive Me", as it's the first one where I absolutely adored basking in all of his soulful deliciousness. And forgive me while you're at it—that is, if I neglect to mention one of your favorite Lynden David Hall tracks along the way. But back to his soulful deliciousnes..... I'd savor more of it on "Say It Isn't So", particularly when his lofty voice rises as he sings about not being able to stand the indeicisons and in-betweens of a relationship on the brink of falling apart; the poetic masterpiece "Don't Wanna Talk" (I like how the lonely acoustic-guitar driven accompaniment is a metaphor of his depressed and emotionally-broken state); and the pair of jewels that I have nominated as your next 'Slow Jam Of The Night': "To Be A Man" (excellent, EXCELLENT vocals put on display here as he delivers his message to the lady about what struggles he has to face in order to be a man in love!) and "Dead And Gone" (these songs of eternal romantic tribute are always so gripping; the song just gets better and better, highlighted by the funky jazz shift in midway break and eventually escalating into one grand of a performance before concluding with a marvelous extended acapella movement). Even on Track #5's "Hard Way", Lynden's still keeping it nice and smooth; r&b lovers will especially find that it's a great jam to bump and ride to. There's a certain song that I found both captivating and interesting at the same time: "Where's God?". Captivating are the gospel-tinged lyrics reminding that Our Creator is always right on time, plus the country/bluesy arrangement of the music's rhythm; interesting is how Lynden alternates between referring to God as both 'He' and 'She'. Speaking of tunes with a cool, bluesy sway, that's what I liked about the flow to this album's fine title track—that, plus listening to Lynden sing about all of the positive aspects of the woman that makes him like her and makes him happy. Then filling my soul with warmth and happiness is "Let's Do It Again". Performed with a guest female vocalist by the name of Hinda Hicks, the song speaks cheerfully about two people casting all worries aside and letting nothing but sweet loving cast its sunny glow down upon them:

1. If I Had To Choose
2. Forgive Me
3. Say It Isn't So
4. U Let Him Have U
5. Hard Way
6. Where's God?
7. To Be A Man
8. The Other Side
9. Don't Wanna Talk
10. Wanna Be Another You
11. Sleeping With Victor
12. Dead And Gone
13. Let's Do It Again
14. Are We Still Cool?

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