Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Martin Hedegaard-Show The World (2008)


My 'FUMBLE recovery' from this past Friday led me to a third new connection on the Danish pop front, and he too is another dynamic talent from the New Millennium phenomenon of musical reality television. His name is Martin Hedegaard, known for winning the first ever Danish format of the "X-Factor" series. So this is even more proof that I continue to show love for not only the young stars here in my own country coming fresh out of these music competitions, but love for the international rising stars as well. And showing you that love tonight is Martin's debut album, "Show The World", a highly entertaining show to say the least! Me being the eternal dance music lover meant that me and my ears fell in love with the opening track the instant I took in the beat; in the next instant, it was the 'whistle melody', then Martin's distinctive voice, which quickly made me think of the late 'King Of Pop' himself, Michael Jackson. But I can only show how much I enjoyed this jam with so many words; you'll have to listen for yourself! Then me being the eternal dance music lover further meant that I got all sorts of thrills and spills out of "Report To The Dance Floor" (hey, I like that title, Martin virtually ordering you to bust some moves to the extremely groovy dance rhythm!), plus "Mission Impossible" (your mission to dance to the rhythm here is very possible!) and "Magic Lover". Even if the dancefloor is not for you, perhaps you'll find yourself skipping along merrily, at least, to bouncy, cheerful tunes like "When I'm With You" (loving the harmonica accompaniment here, and I just get that whole sense of carefree-ness hearing him sing about love being so easy when he's with the girl of his dreams), "Rock The Party" (another fun selection from the expanding catalog of contemporary retro-pop) and "Girls, Girls, Girls". Got my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day' when I heard the familiar words of "Music Under My Skin". Recognized the song well, as I'd first heard it by my favorite Russian pop star, Sergey Lazarev, on his wonderful "TV Show" album a few years back (hmm—"TV Show" and "Show The World"; interesting coincidence), and always liked the part of the chorus where the 'music under my' is sung in all monotone with 'skin' being sung with a rising voice after a brief pause. Rising voice is right—that's the talent Martin shows off on the powerful, emotional ballad, "Never The Same". Though he also as a charming mellow side to him, which my ears experienced all throughout the haunting piano piece, "Where Do We Go?", then on the even more haunting yet peaceful offering, "The Secret" (it's like walking in a daydream hearing him sing here with only the orchestral ambiance and the subtle heart beating backing him up), then on the most haunting piece of all: "Frozen"—frozen in time at the mere thought of losing his girl forever, and the suspenseful arrangement of the music adds the perfect amount of chill to enforce that haunting theme. But by the time you get to the bonus iTunes track, "Everything I Want", which made me happy just because of its perky 80's pop-sounding punch, the frozen ice will have melted and you'll be feeling nice and warm inside again. Sweet as daylight, as Martin confidently proclaims about having all that he desires, and that's showing the world that you have a lot to show for yourself:

1. Show The World
2. When I'm With You
3. Report To The Dance Floor
4. Never The Same
5. Mission Impossible
6. Where Do We Go
7. Music Under My Skin
8. Frozen
9. Rock The Party
10. Girls, Girls, Girls
11. Magic Lover
12. The Secret
13. The 1

*****BONUS TACK*****

14. Everything I Want

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