Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sara Varga-Faith, Hope & Love (2008)


Faith, hope and love—three intangibles that are often wished upon those whom we cherish and hold closest to us. And I would like to wish the same to you, my followers of "The Music Spectrum", as I have both faith and hope that you will love this latest music gift of mine. Among the long-standing requests by the guru over at the "Dance Love Pop" blog had been the much-sought-after English debut album by Swedish singer Sara Varga. Despite my love for all things Swedish pop, I'd never taken the opportunity to explore this lady until I finally got formally introduced to this eleven-track digital collection of hers on this final Saturday of July. Whereas last night's music-listening session with Lynden David Hall was designed for the soul, today's session with Sara Varga was more designed for my ears, as I took pleasure in receiving her delightfully sweet, delicate vocals and her simple, folk-style approach to delivering her songs. The first fifteen or so minutes of this "Faith, Hope & Love" journey, which saw me gliding along to "Born To Fly" and finding "Heal My Heart" to be quite a healing piece for my music senses indeed, were like a gentle, calming breeze. But then those same music senses would stand at attention upon taking in "Tears For Nothing", the first song here that sparked something inside of me. Once again, I found myself allured by a song's mellow sound and sad tonality, which are heightened by Sara's story about leaving a man that she thought she truly knew. More tears are flowing as she's running as long a distance as she can to escape emotional pain on the follow-up tune, "Far Far Away". Then there's the gem that delighted me the most: "I Wouldn't Mind". I totally adore her tenderly sweet voice here—which, at times, is barely above a soft whisper—as well as the whole dreamy feel of the music. Kinda haunting, the lyrics are, as the Swedish singer poses many questions to the man she's trying to charm: 'what if I told you I've fallen completely for you?'; 'what if I'm dreaming every night of you?' , 'what would you say?'. While I—nor anybody else besides the songwriter and the songwriter's subject—may ever have those answers revealed, there's further mystery presented on this album's final two cuts: "Out Of Reach" and "I Don't Know". That's because there's a guest male singer assuming the lead vocal duties whereas Sara has become the backup supporting vocalist. It is possible the 'mystery man' is one of the two guys of the boyband duo, REBOUND!, whom I'd read that she once toured with in concert— Rabih Jaber or Eddie Razaz—or another fellow Swede pop artist who goes by the name Figge Boström, whom I've read has collaborated with Sara on some songwriting material. Interesting to note that, with this 'mystery man' on lead vocals, how the graceful flow of this album transforms into a more intense, livelier sound, whether it be the funk/rock arrangement of the former or the heavier rock sound of the latter. Mysteries aside, though, I would have to say that it is no mystery that "Faith, Hope & Love" is targeted towards the soft rock, easy-listening audience:

1. Born To Fly
2. Always Have
3. So This Is It
4. Heal My Heart
5. Turn Back Time
6. Tears For Nothing
7. Far Far Away
8. I Wouldn't Mind
9. Lying Witch
10. Out Of Reach
11. I Don't Know

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