Sunday, July 31, 2016

SISTER LOVE-Three Of A Kind (2008)


Lady Luck must be on my side! I played my cards just right and have now got a "Three Of A Kind" in my hands, the debut album—and a much-sought-after music wish of my own, I might add—by the all-female trio that collectively calls itself SISTER LOVE. And as luck should have it, I discovered the blonde beauties you see pictured on the above album artwork during the same recent Euro-house exploration that introduced me to the Danish trio FUMBLE (and I still have not yet made a complete 'FUMBLE recovery', as the forever dance music lover in me is aching to listen to those guys again sometime in the near future), the best part being that they hail from my favorite Scandinavian country of Sweden! Dance music and Swedish music—a sweet combination! I'd placed my bet in advance that I would fall in love with these SISTER LOVE sisters before I even played the first track; about half an hour later, I'd found myself feeling like a rich man, having racked up a stack of new hits for my digital treasure trove! The roulette wheel of thrills starts spinning with "Fabulous", which is surely this trio's anthem, as they proclaim to make everything better and that they'll be the ones that you want to be with tonight. In other words, they're exactly that the song title advertises: fabulous! And the infectiously catchy dance beat makes it all the more fabulous! From that point forward, every single cut thereafter was a fabulous adventure! "Go With The Flow": 'Just let the music move your body and soul', the sisters order you to do on the extremely catchy follow-up. I like when they shout 'go with the flow!' in their collectively girly voices at end of every repeat of the main chorus. "Girls And Boys": I had a blast with this one! Beyond the throbbing, pulsating dance beat are some really fun lyrics, though are they saying that there are girls that like boys who pick boys who like girls? Or is it the other way around? If you're not careful, you might twist the words to the chorus around and come up with something completely different and unintended (insert smiley face). "Scary Alligators": now here's a little bubblegum for you.....and a shot of energy while you're at at as the heavy trance rhythm, accented by the distinctively prominent electronic synthesizing, makes this one feel like a sprint to the finish line! My advice? Play it twice.....and then some! "Girls Like Me": A bouncy Euro-pop jam that reminds me of another jam I like called "Prove Your Love" by a duo called MILK & HONEY (previously featured on this blog), as it talks about girls who want all of the various material things that will often win a woman's love: Gucci, expensive champagne, credit cards..... 'We only settle for success, we want it all, we want it now!' is how bits and pieces of the catchy chorus flows. "Apology"—and its deep bumpin' bass line—becomes so addicting after the first few seconds, especially with that 'oh-oh-eh' chanted in the chorus while I have no apologies at all for declaring the one right after—"Suddenly"—to be my #1 favorite and 'suddenly' a new addition for my special 'Energy Mix' playlist of all with its awesome trance rhythm and pounding beat; I suddenly did not want this one to be over! The sisters are warning all of their other fellow sisters out there to watch out and beware of a seductive womanizer on "Mr. Rebel". This one's chock full of fun lyrics with the throaty, digitally disguised voice of the man saying 'rebel' in the background adding a touch of humor. "Viva La Dance": Just the title sounds like loads of fun, and the Euro-house dance party that erupts on it ensures that you enjoy plenty of it, too! Definitely bubblegum and sticky sweet is "Like A Melody", where 'Mr. Rebel' is suddenly as sweet as a classic symphony. And yes, I like the melody to this one a lot! Lots to love about "Lolita Love" as well, but I bet that by the time you're done playing this album's last track, you will have stacked the deck so that all of the aces will get played again first:

1. Fabulous
2. Go With The Flow
3. Girls And Boys
4. Scary Alligators
5. Girls Like Me
6. Apology
7. Suddenly
8. Mr. Rebel
9. Like A Melody
10. Viva La Dance
11. Lolita Love

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