Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Vanessa S.-Independence (2005)


If you enjoyed the ride with me and former German pop idol finalist Vanessa S. last night, then you'll surely want to ride along with me again, as I'm declaring today as 'Independence Day' here at "The Music Spectrum" honor of the title to Vanessa's second album, that is. And what a ride is "Bonafide", the opener that sets the tone right off the bat, as she reveals to her man that her love is all real with nothing at all to conceal. It's jams like "Bonafide"—with some serious r&b bounce to put some spring in your step—that suit Vanessa's style the most; I further recommend "I Can See It In Your Eyes" and "Blah, Blah, Blah" (a couple of songs where lies and deceit are the name of the game, the latter being a classic case of he-say-she-say), plus "Call Of Love" (a favorite of mine largely because of its suspenseful sound) and especially the funktafied "When U Luv"—which features a guest MC laying down the raps and a delightfully fluttery flute accompaniment before the main hook drops in—to get more of that bumpin' r&b fill-up. Vanessa proved that she can be quite the sweet charmer during last night's joyride; she demonstrates that alluring characteristic three times more on "Out Of My Mind" (she's not going crazy here, except being crazy in love with the man she affectionately thinks about all of the time), "When We Were Young" (such a warming retrospective about how a couple's love has persevered, despite those around them opposed to their happiness) and a second favorite of mine, "Feed Your Soul", whose soothing groove and Vanessa's tenderly angelic voice delivering the caring words of inspiration are the key ingredients that mold this song into something that is truly food for your soul. Need something on the quiet storm front to chill to? The German pop idol finalist has got you all covered up with "That's The Way", my latest nominee for 'Slow Jam Of The Night'. Slow groove, dreamy melody, lusciously seductive vocals—the ingredients are all there for making you want to drift off to this perfect sleeping beauty from the evening until the morning after. If nothing else, at least place a mental bookmark by it, because you'll definitely want to play it back later! Whereas "That's The Way" takes a more sensual approach to love, Vanessa is bold and vivacious and all the woman that a man wants her to be on "Freak Your Mind". I like this one a lot, particularly because of her sharp, rising vocals shown off at the beginning of each line of the chorus. But the jam I adore the most is the one that I absolutely had to save for final mention: "Summertime". Not a cover of the memorable hip-hop classic from the 90's by the DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE duo, but instead, the sunniest of dance jams designed to make your summertime feel like a good time to fall in love:

1. Bonafide
2. Out Of My Mind
3. Do You Remember?
4. Blah, Blah, Blah
5. That's The Way
6. Feed Your Soul
7. Don't Say
8. I Can See It In Your Eyes
9. Roses Raining
10. Call Of Love
11. Freak Your Mind
12. When We Were Young
13. Haven't Told You
14. When U Luv
15. Summertime

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