Monday, August 22, 2016

Audrey Landers-Love Me Tender (1990)


I had so many music-listening options available for me and my ears to indulge in tonight—music I've heard a gazillion times, music I've heard a few times, music I've just listened to within the past few days, and music completely new to me. I went for the fourth category this time, and for that, I picked out something delivered to me personally that I was sure would satisfy and quench my recent 80's music thirst. Returning to "The Music Spectrum" for her second feature presentation in over five years is Audrey Landers, the former star of the long-time-running television series, "Dallas", with her 1990 album, "Love Me Tender", which was also released under the German title, "Meine Träume Für Dich". Love and tenderness—that is the theme that reigns supreme on this lovely forty-five minutes of musical delight, which begins and concludes with the bookend instrumental piano snippets that do indeed get me into a tender, peaceful mood. When the music officially starts with the cheerful glee of "Sun Of Jamaica", I was all smiles, the festive, ethnic rhythm warming my senses and every part of my soul. It's always nice to hear these kinds of colorful tunes that escape from the confines of the normal mainstream sound for a spell. And it was even nicer just to be back in tune with Audrey's sweet, sunshiny voice, which I hadn't heard since enjoying her 1988 album, "Secrets". I was enamored with the follow-up ballad, "Angelo"; I just like hearing her singing the name of her Spanish lover—Angelo—over and over throughout, which is an alluring moment by itself. "For The Rest Of My Life" represents the album's first perfectly-80's-sounding pop pleasure, with the very Italo-disco-sounding "Shadows Of Love" coning right afterwards to provide even more pop punch for your ears. It was when I got to the moving ballad, "Coming Thru The Storm", that my senses were wide awakened: the starry arrangement, coupled with Audrey's earnest words of being the calming arms within her lover's dark, raging tempest—romantically perfect! Then I found every song thereafter to be magical and seemed to touch me in a special way. "Listen To Your Heart" is a simple song, but has such a catchy hook—'love is the rhythm, we are the rhyme', as she sings in the chorus—that it instantly had me missing the good ole 80's! The heart is still listening with "Hand On My Heart", which is one that whisks me off to a special, dreamy place deep within the corners of my peaceful mind with Audrey's lofty vocals and the children in the background delivering the inspirational words in unison against the majestic music; it was a song I really need to hear. She dreamed about a Spanish lover named Angelo on the third track, but there's another Spanish man who she has a heart for on Track #9's "Fernando". Now THIS is the most beautiful song that I've heard within the past week! I knew I'd love it the very moment I took in the glittery, majestic opening instrumentals accented by the marching drum beat, but would love it even more as the song progressed, even finding some familiarity with the way her voice purrs over 'Fernando' so romantically. The music makes me so happy that I could listen on and on forever! Of course, I'm already planning to treat my ears to many more replays of this gem in the days ahead..... Although my heart was still with Fernando, there was enough room moments later to invite inside the next offering, "Shine A Light", another pleasantly sunny listen whose simple lyrics and simple theme of love being the light that shines down on her make it so easy to like. Really, my heart's gonna stay with this whole entire "Love Me Tender" album for a long while, and I know that my heart is in the right place when I make that statement:

1. Love Me Tender (Intro)
2. Sun Of Jamaica
3. Angelo
4. For The Rest of My Life
5. Shadows Of Love
6. Coming Thru The Storm
7. Listen To Your Heart
8. Hand On My Heart
9. Fernando
10. Shine A Light
11. Pieces Of My Heart
12. Still Dreams To Dream
13. Love Me Tender (Reprise)

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