Friday, August 19, 2016

GROUP 87-A Career In Dada Processing (1984)


Here's even more proof that I'm forever the ultimate salt for all things 80's music. It was a day of celebration earlier this summer when a friend from India acquired the album which contained a memorable ambient instrumental song that he'd heard years and years ago while visiting a museum in his native country. A long journey it was for him, and I had accompanied him on that long journey for the past six years, trying my best to assist in helping him track down that elusive instrumental. As I awaited word from him on the complete details to how his life-long music mystery finally got solved, I'd taken some time over the past few days to treat my ears to that said album: "A Career In Dada Processing" (note the spelling of 'Dada' with a 'D' instead of a 'T' there), a collection of ambient electronic tunes crafted by a trio of producers who collectively called themselves GROUP 87. I was already in love with their work the moment the opening track, "Postcard From The Volcano", played through my headphone speakers. Fond memories of those nature videos I always had to watch in elementary school and middle school science class immediately came rushing into my mind, as the music does indeed remind me of those tracks often heard on such educational television programs as "Nova", which aired on America's PBS network back in the day. There's a distinctively 80's synthpop pop kick beneath the layers of instrumental soundscapes that I find especially appealing here. It would be the follow-up track, "Pleasure In Progress", that I would recognize as the elusive instrumental piece to the puzzle that my Indian friend had been trying to solve. The soothing electronic ambiance on this one is the best, and brought back even more of those fond sixth-grade science class videos! How coincidental that the track would be entitled as such, because as I plan to have continued listens to it, it really is a 'pleasure in progress'! Though some of the nicest output to enjoy in this data processing center is the slower-tempo arrangements of "Angel And Obelisks", "Lough Erim's Mist" (a very short, tranquil peace to whisk the mind away) and my favorite, "The Death Of Captain Nemo", which is quite the suspenseful, epic adventure that makes me think about "The Phantom Of The Opera", those levels from the classic "Castlevania" video game series, or just any number of Gothic vampire movies. Then there's one that simply makes me happy: "The Mask Maker". Playing in sync with the electronically synthesized rhythm is the merriest of trumpet melodies that sweetens my senses for a full four minutes. Haven't ever considered a career in 'dada processing'? Well now may be a good time to change your career path and make new connections in your professional music-listening endeavors:

1. Postcard From The Volcano
2. Pleasure In Progress
3. The Mask Maker
4. The Apple Bites Back
5. Lough Erin's Mist
6. A Career In Dada Processing
7. Angels And Obelisks
8. The Death Of Captain Nemo

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