Tuesday, August 23, 2016

MYSTIQUE-Love, Mystique (1990)


Soul music fans are gonna love this one! Showing off some more of my music magic tonight with the alluring sounds of the trio that called itself MYSTIQUE, not to be confused with the British girl group whose name sounds the same but is spelled differently—MIS-TEEQ. With this whole 'mystic' theme going on, I must say that I am quite 'mystified' that this latest listen of mine had not yet graced my ears until this particular date and time of my life-long soul music journeys. Nevertheless, this small gathering of tunes here took me back once again to my childhood years when soul music was so captivating to me. It's the best of two worlds—the throw-down jams and the slow-down jams; something with a funky swing to get you up, and something with a chilled groove to make you relax. "Bust A Move" sees the trio busting out with the bold message that you can't make a move on someone unless you show what you got first, all backed by a big-time beat that just might make you bust a few moves of your own! And while I'm talking about busting moves, I will go ahead and highlight the other one whose beats are tailor made to get you movin' to the music: "Ready Or Not", the big and bold message here that you gotta get that good lovin' while it's still hot. Though the biggest draw here that will make you "Love, Mystique" is their excellence in delivering the slow jams, demonstrated to perfection first on "Anything For You" (this wonderful groove totally captures the 80's quiet storm spirit; I miss these simple soul songs), followed by "Falling In Love", the most beautiful of love songs that is "I Love You So" (you can feel the blanket of romantic warmth in their collectively heavenly, soaring vocals; they could not have expressed those words with any more tenderness and passion) and, my personal favorite, "We Made It Happen", which instills feelings of happiness with their words of romantic triumph. There's a special treat awaiting your ears at the very end: "Salute To Delfonics" medley. Was already looking forward to listening as soon as my eyes scanned the title. As those closest to me in my music circles already know, I am like the ultimate cover songs lover. So that, coupled with the late-80's sound I recognized in the production of this album, can only equate to music bliss for me! Recognized the first DELFONICS hit of the medley,: "La La Means I Love You". Then I recognized the last one: "Didn't I Blow Your Mind?" The others I'm not too familiar with, but in hearing the trio's delivery and the arrangement, I can hear echoes of THE DELFONICS singing along with them in the background. So fitting that they concluded the medley with "Didn't I Blow Your Kind?", because this whole "Love, Mystique" album will blow the soul music lover's mind indeed:

1. Bust A Move
2. Anything For You
3. Ready Or Not
4. Falling In Love
5. I Love You So
6. We Made It Happen
7. Salute To Delfonics (Medley)

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