Sunday, August 14, 2016

RATT-Out Of The Cellar (1984)


Well look what the cat dragged in! Or should I say dragged out? I smell a RATT here.....a very big RATT, to be exact. Pouring through the 'R' entries in my music collection further has led me to be reminded that it had also been ages since this Hollywood, California heavy metal hair band last graced my ears; besides that, it had been a long while since I enjoyed some of that good ole 80's hair band rock that I crave as much as everything else—music or otherwise—from my favorite decade. So it only seemed right to bring the band's debut album out of the cellar—both literally and figuratively. It was a swift thirty-seven-and-a-half minutes, but in that time, I got happily reacquainted with the band's signature smash hit, "Round And Round", which is the very first RATT song I heard on the radio airwaves when I was kid and had always loved it because of the excellent hook: 'round and round, what goes around comes around'. Turns out their knack for the big, strong hook is one of the things I found most pleasing in my short trek back in time to 1984; that's why "You're In Trouble" and the concluding cut, "Scene Of The Crime" (boy, those angst-driven rock jams are always the best) got favorable approval by me. Although I love the loud and gritty rockstar vocals of the RATT crew, the hooks themselves don't always have to be big and loud to hook me to their songs. "Lack Of Communication" becomes super-catchy after so many repetitions of the unified voices chanting the title lyrics in the background, making like something that reminds me of the Borg Collective from the classic "Star Trek: The Next Generation" series. "She Wants Money", which is like THE definitive hair band 80's rock song, first becomes addictive with the energetic, upbeat jump to the tempo, then even more addictive when the guys on backup are shouting 'you wanna play, you gotta pay'. The simplest ones are always the sweetest, aren't they? And the coolest things about these hair bands is when they take a minute or two to show off their sublime pickin' skills on the guitar and dazzle the listener with those wild, ear-splitting guitar riffs. I would enjoy an extended instrumental show on both "In Your Direction" and "The Morning After" (there's some serious jammin' on the latter!). No cheese needed to catch this RATT; just a receptive ear for the 80's and a rock spirit is all the trap that you need:

1. Wanted Man
2. You're In Trouble
3. Round And Round
4. In Your Direction
5. She Wants Money
6. Lack Of Communication
7. Back For More
8. The Morning After
9. I'm Insane
10. Scene Of The Crime

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