Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SISTER LOVE-Because I Am (2014)


Lady Luck didn't have to be bestowed upon me this time; it was more like a case of the inevitable. After showing some love for the Swedish trio SISTER LOVE a couple of days ago, I knew that curiosity would take hold of me—as it always does—and lead me to discover what else makes these ladies a three of a kind. A second album entitled "Because I Am" is what my bit of investigative work turned up, and because I'm such a nice guy, I'm spreading even more of the sisterly love by sharing it with the rest of the dance music lovers out there! First, they were 'The Fabulous', and now they are 'The Butterflies', ready to spread their wings and fly, as they proudly proclaim on this album's thrilling opener of a trancey dance anthem. And from that point forward, they keep on fabulously flying, flinging their things on the floor-filler of a follow-up, "Rhythm In You". Move your body and get crazy on the floor—sounds like a good time to me! As I see it, "Rhythm In You" doubles your pleasure this album's second club anthem; my only regrets is that it's too short for my pleasure at just a few seconds over the three-minute mark! The same sentiment is felt on "Cried For You", which is one I was instantly attached to upon hearing the sad tonality of the melody and all of the synthesized, swirling electronic glitz before the main trancey beat sweeps in. A bitter, emotional piece this one turns out to be, the sisters crying out to the man who's hurting them, even through the blazing fire and the pouring rain. I would L-O-V-E some extended remixes of this one to keep the melancholy goodness spinning in my ears for an extra couple of minutes or so! The 'Fabulous Flying Butterflies' really begin to show how a fun-filled time on the dance floor with "U Make Me", whose pounding trance beat and the catchy chorus of 'you make me, uh-ma-ma-ma-mia' is enough to make you into a fluttering fabulous butterfly! The title track slows the tempo down somewhat, but it's still a fabulously fun adventure that sees the sisters proclaiming how strong and independent they are, highlighted by catchy cheerleader's chanting of the title at the end of the main chorus (memorable flashbacks to Tony Basil's "Hey Mickey" started entering my thoughts here). Wanna feel alive and carefree? Track #6's "This Dream" is here to help you turn your every fantasy into reality. I particularly like how the collective lofty vocals of the sisters rise above the trance beat on this one, adding to the whole 'dreamy' theme of the song. "Video Game": I'd already liked this one before I even started playing it. Why? Because I love video games, of course! I'd somehow expected there to be a heavy techno-electronic arrangement to the music, but it turns out the music sounds just as lofty and dreamy as the previous track with a smoother trance rhythm that actually becomes quite hypnotic. Besides that, I'm loving the lyrics here, talking about how the sisters are wanting to live their lives like a video game—where things are so unreal and exaggerated—believing money will ease their pain and confessing that they've done living life on the slow train (I heard that!). Ah, and then there's the dance jam that had me feeling like a million bucks: "Robot Love". This time, my predictions were true: the digitized vocals of a guest male singer and the monotonic yet bold delivery of the verses by the sisters themselves contributing to the whole 'robotic' theme. Bold is right, as they want to be their man's personal robot. They don't drink, they don't eat, but they taste so sweet. All he has to do is turn them on—just like any other electronic device, as well as sexually (I found the double meaning here to be a witty stroke of songwriting)—with no password required for instant access to satisfaction. Like a dog, they'll do everything that they're told. Does their love for him get any more robotic than that? From love lifting them up to that same love tearing them down, "Love Breakdown" is a bittersweet beauty where all these 'Fabulous Butterflies' want to do is lose themselves and dance the pain away to keep from breaking down. Although the theme isn't quite looking on the brighter side, I still declare it to be another signature SISTER LOVE club anthem and a terrific trance jam altogether, which this fabulous "Because I Am" album is so chock-full of:

1. Butterflies
2. Rhythm In You
3. Cried For You
4. U Make Me
5. Because I Am
6. This Dream
7. Video Game
8. Robot Love
9. Touch You
10. Love Breakdown
11. Music Use It

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