Saturday, September 10, 2016

911-There It Is (1999)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 10, 2016

Whoomp—there it is! A little bit of a playful tribute there to the hip-hop troupe called TAG TEAM, who turned that opening phrase into a fan craze back in the 90's; I felt it was appropriate for this latest post. That's because people have been wanting the discography of the British boyband 911, and now that I'm sharing it with them and the rest of the music word, I can simply direct them to "The Music Spectrum" and proudly say 'there it is'. The 911 trio was one of the most fun European boybands back in the 90's (CAUGHT IN THE ACT, BOYZONE, TOUCHÉ an TAKE THAT are just a few others whom I adore), and even with them having recently reunited and joined this renewed boyband craze of the New Millennium's second decade, I still enjoy digging up all of their oldest stuff and keeping it alive! I'd nearly forgotten that 1999's "There It Is" was largely a covers album that concentrated on the 70's soul and disco era—that is, until I decided to replay this album in its entirety for my own entertainment and realized how wonderful the boys sound in their groovy modern-day Eurodisco renditions of THE BEE GEES' "More Than A Woman", TAVARES' "Don't Take Away The Music" (yes—do not take away this good music!) and the SHALAMAR hit that serves as this album's title (and a good choice, I must say). So many remakes of HEATWAVE's "Boogie Nights" have been recorded, and I love each and every one of them, no matter how they're arranged or who's performing them. I was reminded that 911's version is more of a mid-tempo dance-pop style more reminiscent of the 90's boyband production; I love it just the same! I'd even forgotten that the boys had remade a favorite Rick Astley song of mine that every 80's pop fanatic knows so well: "Never Gonna Give You Up". Although I have to admit that it does takes some getting used to without Astley's familiar booming soulful vocals, as the 911 trio opts for a a more mellow, tender approach; they still make it work nonetheless. The 70's soul sounds start to slide in with their takes on the very familiar and timeless ROSE ROYCE classic, "I Wanna Get Next To You" (I've heard this delightful song like a thousand times; it's got some of the most thoughtful lyrics in a love song ever!), with that same sweet old-school soul sound sticking around for the warming, easy-listening grooves that are "Can't Get By Without You", "Private Number", "You're The best Thing" and "Rock Me Gently" (and the music even plays gently, which I thought was a nice touch). I surely made it one of my top 911 favorites a long time ago, but it was sure a pleasure to hear the beautifully mellow gem "A Little Bit More" once again. Loving her a little bit more on top of the love he's already giving—I like the abundance-of-love theme that the lyrics portray here. You've looked near, you've searched there and you've been just about everywhere, but right here is where 911's "There It Is" happens to be:

1. More Than A Woman
2. Don't Take Away The Music
3. A Little Bit More
4. Never Gonna Give You Up
5. I Wanna Get Next To You
6. Can't Get By Without You
7. Rock Me Gently
8. Private Number
9. There It Is
10. You're The Best Thing
11. Boogie Nights

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