Friday, September 16, 2016

B5-Don't Talk, Just Listen (2007)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 16, 2016

Prepare to B dazzled again! I had every intention of continuing my joyride with this B5 bunch following the first 40+ minutes I spent with them yesterday.....and had every reason to believe that the second leg of the joyride would be just as thrilling! "Don't Talk, Just Listen": the title pretty much takes any words one could say about this thirteen-track package out of my mouth, but both the writer and the music lover in me are gonna offer up some detailed feedback anyhow. The opening made-just-right-for-the-club cut, "Hydrolics" (note their stylized misspelling of 'hydraulics'), already attracts attention with guest rapper Bow Wow showing off his talents. The big-time urban beats keep on rolling afterwards with "How You Not Gonna" (a marching drum beat here, to be exact, in combo with the slight techno glitz makes for a bombastic sound; the boys talking about how they love every part of the girl's body makes for some sizzling sexiness), "Erika Kane" (I noted how the title shares its name with the popular long-time character from the "All My Children" soap played by Susan Lucci; in a way, the boys are actually singing about a girl who they want to be their model soap star) and the musically-delicious "Right To Left", whose bombastic drum beat and sparkly synthesized waves are just as exciting as their steamy words about liking how the girl moves her body (I like the part where they sing ' you're making me stutter ', then follow up with the literal stuttering of 'I-I-I-I-I' in the very next movement). A noticeable shift in their signature tight, in-your-face r&b style, however, occurs on "I Must Love Drama"; it has a very 80's synthpop feel to it which, of course, the 80's music lover in me welcomed very much. Besides the sound, I was drawn to the title—the boys must really like it when there's a lot of conflict going on in the relationship. Further evidence of that statement can be found on "All Over Again", where they admit to wanting that repeated feeling of getting jealous, losing the girl, and getting her back in his arms. It's a real gem that's well-written, well-performed and flows extremely well. Yet the most precious jewel in my eyes has to be the one which I have personally nominated for your next 'Slow Jam Of The Night': "She Got It Like That". It's here where the words to this album's title originates, spoken so tenderly at the very beginning before the slow groove, dreamy melody and the lush harmonizing come storming in and getting you into that after-midnight romantic mood. The mood is totally different on the follow-up slow number, "Tear Drops". Despite the warming glow of the music itself, the song is riddled with words of grave sadness as a direct result of the girl's indecision; it''s another gem I highlight because of its songwriting and singing excellence all around. Just as the boys showed off their vocal talents with the acapella opener, "Let It Be", on their self-titled debut, they charm and impress again on the smooth acapella piece found here entitled "No One Else"—a simple case of no other girl even coming close to being the amazing girl he has now. "Things I Would Do" is one more fine specimen of songwriting and singing excellence on the slow jam front before your senses get shocked when the intense rock guitar leads into the fun hidden track shortly afterwards presumably called "Rockstar". This one would've made a great club anthem to lead-off the album, as the boys proclaim themselves to rock the girl's world and being a star in their own show. One of the coolest lines on the song is when they're saying how a body like hers would get her backstage with no ID, no matter what her age is. But enough talk from me; just listen to this album to experience the bonafide rockstar in this B5 crew for yourself:

1. Hydrolics (Feat. Bow Wow)
2. How You Not Gonna
3. Right To Left
4. Erika Kane
5. She Got It Like That
6. Tear Drops
7. In My Bedroom
8. All Over Again
9. What It Do
10. No One Else
11. I Must Love Drama
12. So Incredible
13. Things I Would Do

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