Saturday, September 3, 2016

BAM TO BAM BAM-Like A Locomotion (1989)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 3, 2016

Just when you thought you'd heard everything bubblegum pop from the 80's..... Yes—my boyband obsession even spans into the latter part of my favorite decade; and I have to thank a fellow music lover for feeding in to that obsession further by gifting me the rarest of singles from his pop music collection. The short-lived five-piece troupe hailing from The Netherlands that called itself BAM TO BAM BAM (did images of Fred Flinstone and the other Stone Age residents of the cartoon town of Bedrock come into your mind there for a second?) never managed to release any full-length studio albums before fading into obscurity by the time the 90's arrived, but I will forever treasure their 1989 effort, "Like A Locomotion", just the same as I would any other highly-addicting guilty pleasure. Oops—did I just spoil the surprise? 'Like a lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-locomotion'—that is the repeated line in the lyrics to the main chorus of this BAM TO BAM BAM jam that got me hooked in a heartbeat! And I would imagine it won't take very long for you to get hooked to it as well.....that is, if the high-energy, Italo-disco-spirited dance beat doesn't get you hooked first. Though with me always noticing those fun little nuances, I was already hooked when the majestic, Olympically-epic instrumental officially introduced the song. As for their collective voices, I must say that they do remind me somewhat of many of the boybands of the Golden Age 'boyband era' of the 90's, namely the fellow Dutch boyband act, CAUGHT IN THE ACT. I'd checked out this single's 'Radio Version' first, then followed up with the 8+ minute 'Extended Version' (which features some cool voice effects chiming in with the repeated 'locomotion' every so often) before concluding with the 'Instrumental Version' (which is not exactly a true instrumental, per se, as you can still hear their vocals in the main chorus singing that addicting 'like a lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-locomotion' line again) and one final helping of the 'Radio Version". Little Eva said it best: do, do, do the locomotion, because this BAM TO BAM BAM locomotion will indeed make you happy if you're feeling blue:

1. Like A Locomotion (Extended Version)
2. Like A Locomotion (Radio Version)
3. Like A Locomotion (Instrumental Version)

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