Thursday, September 1, 2016

Davor-Lust (1993)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 1, 2016

Refreshed and revitalized after a bit of an extended break, I return to the forefront of my music-listening activities with a return trip back into the world of Europop. And this particular Europop trip turned out to be one of the more interesting music getaway that I've had in recent days. Before I even actually got into the music, I was already presented with my latest 'Mystery Singer Of The Week' (I believe that is a title I have yet to use in my blog posts) with the mystery man only known as Davor. No clue as to this guy's origins or musical background, though I suspect he has German roots&mdasglas evidenced by the various online sites where his first and only known album, "Lust", is made available in physical CD format—while his style seems to have been influenced by the eclectic likes of the late Prince. Eclectic Europop—that's exactly what "Lust" is full of, and what your ears just may lust for by the time you've made it through the final cut. Indeed, from the moment the opening snippet of a track 'pumps you up' and gets the juices flowing, every track has a way of playing around with your music senses, offering up something distinctively different each time—an exotic musical adventure within the lustful adventure. "Lovelution" (a meshing of 'love' and 'revolution', I would surmise from the lyrics) formally got me introduced to this mystery man and his light yet ear-pleasingly breathy vocals, which do take a moment or so of getting used to against the intense, techno/house rhythm in the synthesized arrangement. I immediately got the sense that, at heart, this Davor guy is a wild rebel with a rocker's persona, and that notion would be reinforced on jams like "Rubberlove" (I totally dig these creative titles of his; love that ain't real love and is as flimsy as can be), which is the full-length rock/techno version of its companion acoustic guitar intro, "Rubba", that precedes it; and the bouncy pop/rock number "My Love is Crazy" (now a song with this title definitely sounds appropriate, considering all of the other songs I'd heard leading up to it), whose catchy chorus is the highlight of this particular show. "Sugar Belle", which I found instantly appealing because of the funky electro-pop/rock arrangement, shows off more of Davor's lustful nature; which is especially noticebale in the way he breathlessly delivers the final words in the acapella outro. The most lustful one of them all: "Lick Your Lust". Beneath the cool synthpop beat (a very odd arrangement here, I must point out), the subtle acoustic guitar, the edgy rock guitar and the pounding techno-pop rhythm, he's confessing his every sexual desire when he says, 'I kiss your breasts, I lick your lips, I kiss your cheeks, I lick your body and lick everything it needs'. There's a couple of times during this lustful expedition where I said to myself (or out loud even), 'That was a weird song' after the song was over. "Fish-Es" was one such instance as the primary lyrics to the chorus (and petty much the entire song) is 'make like fishes'. Even the techno synthesizing of the marching drum beat was a bit odd, but it adds a cool texture to the main groovy house rhythm that propels it into the jam that it eventually becomes. "Bohemian Child" is another weirdie, and it was here where I determined that this mystery man named Davor just might be German, noticing how his accent slides and glides over the words of the song's title. Yet amidst all of the luscious lust and the exotic beats is a delightfully charming soul who makes stellar gems out of such beautifully sung slow tunes as "Baby It's Hard" (the moody organ and the light jazzy accompaniment in conjunction with the somber melody sure made for a lovely listen) and "The Air That I Breathe", where is light vocals are a perfect match for acoustic guitar soft rock flow and his dedicatory words of 'you are the air that I breathe, you are my guide, all I need'—definitely more romance and less lust this time around:

1. Pump
2. Lovelution
3. Sugar Belle
4. Rubba
5. Rubberlove
6. Fanny Adams
7. Fish-Es
8. Baby It's Hard
9. Bohemian Child
10. Lick Your Lust
11. My Love Is Crazy
12. The Air That I Breathe
13. Rush
14. Automatic
15. She

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